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Aldelo Touch Basics

A note before we begin: This product has reached end of life, and has now been replaced by the current Aldelo Express. Please contact our sales department for more information.

Aldelo Touch is full-featured restaurant point of sale software for iPad. It's the mobile version of Aldelo POS Pro restaurant software, specifically designed to work with your iPad. It's among the most feature-rich and robust restaurant software currently available for iPad. This article will go over everything you need to know about using Aldelo Touch, including:

  1. What Aldelo Touch is, and who should consider using it
  2. What hardware is compatible with Aldelo Touch

Why Choose Aldelo Touch?

Aldelo Touch is powerful point of sale software that's excellent for restaurants and bars. Aldelo is traditionally known for it's strengths in unlimited menu and item configurations, and Aldelo Touch is no exception. Integrating the menu with your inventory within Aldelo Touch is straightforward, and the menus are very customizable. It easily handles complex orders with multiple modifiers.

Aldelo Touch is compatible with stations running full Aldelo Pro on PC, so you can have multiple software stations in one business, or integrate an iPad station with your current traditional point of sale station.

Credit card processing with Aldelo Touch is done through Aldelo EDC. EDC licenses can be purchased separately, or are included with certain new merchant accounts (including Sterling, OpenEdge, Vantiv, and others. See Aldelo POS Pro for more info on EDC).

Pricing and Payment

  • Requires monthly subscription (does not require contract)
  • $49 per month per iPad ($49 for each additional iPad)
  • Free demo is available to try out Aldelo Touch before subscribing (see their website for details)
  • Available for purchase here

iPad Compatibility

  • Works with iPad 4, iPad Air, iPad Air 2, iPad Pro, iPad Mini 2, 3, 4
  • iPad must be running iOS 8.0 or higher

Aldelo Touch Compatible Hardware

Aldelo Touch only lists official compatibility with receipt printers. If you're looking for other hardware to use with Aldelo Touch (such as a cash drawer), please see below for more details.

Receipt Printers

Aldelo Touch is compatible with certain Epson and Star Micronics brand Ethernet and Bluetooth interface receipt printers.

Ethernet Receipt Printers

Bluetooth Receipt Printers

Cash Drawers

Aldelo Touch does not list official compatibility with any cash drawers. However, Aldelo Touch works with printer driven cash drawers (cash drawers that connect to your receipt printer). Any cash drawer that works with your receipt printer should be compatible with Aldelo Touch. We recommend the following cash drawers:

Please keep in mind that Bluetooth mobile printers (such as the Epson TM-P80 or Star SM-T300i) cannot connect to printer driven cash drawers. Mobile printers can only be used with manual cash drawers.