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Motorola is now Symbol

UPDATE: Zebra has slowly begun transitioning the branding on the formerly Symbol products from Symbol to Zebra. These changes will roll out slowly, and we will continue to have both Symbol and Motorola products listed on our site throughout these changes.

On October 28th 2014 Motorola Solutions has been re-branded back to Symbol Solutions. The product line will remain the same, but the manufacturer name on the scanners and all branding for the scanners will now be Symbol Solutions.

Before Motorola purchased Symbol back in the early 2000's, Symbol was one of the leading manufacturers of bar code scanners and mobile computers, with their best selling units being the Symbol LS2208 and Symbol SPT1550. This new change is a result of bar code printing giant Zebra buying out the Motorola Solutions division in Q3 of 2014. They bought the entire product line and the patents, but are choosing to return the brand name Motorola back to Symbol Solutions. Before the Google buyout of Motorola Wireless in 2013, Motorola Mobile split off the barcode and mobile computer divisions and operated it independently of their cellular and smart phone division. The barcode and mobile computer division did not transfer to Google in the sale, and is the division that was bought out by Zebra.

Our contacts within Zebra and Symbol, formerly Motorola, have stated that the bar code scanner and mobile computer division will not be branded Zebra and will go back to their former name Symbol Solutions.

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