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Touchscreen Monitor

Adding a touchscreen monitor to your POS system is a fantastic way to simplify data entry at your business. A good touchscreen monitor makes it easy to interact with your POS software, clicking objects instead of navigating with a mouth saves time and minimizes repetitive strain injuries.

POSMicro carries a wide variety of touchscreen monitors from manufacturers such as Elo, Pioneer, POS-X, Logic Controls, Touch Dynamics, and HP. Available in various screen sizes and with different supported touchscreen technology, we have one best suited for your business needs.

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Touchscreen Monitor - Basic 15 Inch

top product
Elo 1517L
Starting At: $596.05

Available with touch technology ideal for you.

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Logic Controls LE1000 Please Call For Pricing!
LE1015 Series
Logic Controls LE1015 Series Please Call For Pricing!
Touch Dynamic Breeze Please Call For Pricing!
Elo 1515L Starting At: $630.27
Pioneer TOM-M5 Starting At: $369.27
G-Vision L15AX
G-Vision L15AX Starting At: $442.53
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Touchscreen Monitor - Deluxe 15 Inch

top product
Elo 1523L
Starting At: $667.10

Durable, sleek and high quality

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1528L Medical
Elo 1528L Medical Please Call For Pricing!
HP L5006TM Starting At: $560.00
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Touchscreen Monitor - 17 Inch

top product
1725C - 1726C
Elo 1725C - 1726C
Please Call For Pricing!

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top value
Starting At: $595.15

Affordable 17-inch touchscreen monitor.

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top value
Pioneer TOM-M7
Please Call For Pricing!

Great price for solid operation.

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Logic Controls LE1017 Please Call For Pricing!
Elo 1715L Starting At: $780.27
MicroTouch M170
MicroTouch M170 Starting At: $800.91
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Touchscreen Monitor - Widescreen

top product
Elo 1919L
Starting At: $612.00

Can display wider POS Software for easy operation.

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top product
Elo 2201L
Starting At: $527.64

22-inch display perfect for kiosks, info systems.

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Elo 1915L Starting At: $863.17
Elo 1925L
Elo 1925L Please Call For Pricing!
Elo 2401LM
Elo 2401LM Starting At: $1,297.00
1929L Medical
Elo 1929L Medical Starting At: $740.00
Elo 4202L Starting At: $2,143.37
Elo 1519L Please Call For Pricing!
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Touchscreen Monitor - 12 Inch

Elo 1215L Starting At: $548.00
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Discontinued Products

The following models have been discontinued and are no longer carried by In some cases, accessories may still be available. We will try to list replacement models in the product description when available.

Elo | 1224L - 1225L | 1226L | 1229L | 1522L | 1525L - 1527L | 1529L | 1545L | 1547L - 1549L | 1567L | 1724L | 1725L | 1727L | 1729L | 1747L | 1825L | 1928L Medical | 1947L | 4200L | 4201L
G-Vision | V15DX
MicroTouch | M150
Pioneer | MXi | TOM-XV
POS-X | EVO-TM | EVO-TM2B | EVO-TM4 | ION Fit | ION TM2A | XTS4100 | XTS4170 | XTS6000
PrehKeyTec | Touch Monitor



POS-X touchscreen monitors sport high features-to-value ratios for use with retail and restaurant POS systems. Built with 5-wire resistive technology, low power consumption, slim design, and flexible viewing adjustability, each POS-X touch screen monitor includes a variety of mounting options and standard USB interface.


The Elo monitor line features a wide selection of touch screen displays at every price level for any application. From entry-level CRT monitors to slim-line LCD touch screens with 5-wire resistive technology, an Elo monitor continually innovates to meet the individualized needs of the retail, food service, and hospitality industries. The ever-popular AccuTouch, IntelliTouch, and new Accoustic Touch technologies are hallmarks of the evolving Elo monitor product line.


Microtouch by 3M offers a full line of capacitative and resistive touch POS monitors with advanced technologies that protect the LCD surface from contaminants through even the most rigorous use. Microtouch touch screen monitors are ideal for public kiosks, food service, and entertainment stations, all of which warrant extra durability.


PrehKeyTec Touch Screen Monitors deliver exceptional readability with active matrix TFT LCD displays. A tough, polyester-coated touch screen surface prevents damage from scratches, grease, dust and water. Optional MSR and integrated cable management make a PrehKeyTec POS Monitor a flexible choice.


Pioneer´s line of POS touchscreen monitors feature a rugged, durable design which is ideal for industrial touch applications, such as food service or heavy retail. They are also extendible offering a line of integrated accessories such as, magnetic stripe reader (MSR), rear customer display and biometric fingerprint reader.

G-Vision creates reliable touchscreen monitors for retail, hospitality, and original equipment- manufacturers (OEM). Their technology integrates seamlessly into applications and delivers necessary touchscreen features and functionality at a value price.


HP is an industry leading corporation which designs its touchscreen monitors with customer service in mind. Beyond the reliable touchscreen technology and attractive touch monitor design, HP provides a three year limited warranty as well as access to its global service and support network.

Logic Controls

Logic Controls manufactures a broad variety of point-of-sale (POS) peripherals and industrial computers. Their LE1000 series touchscreen monitors are known for their reliability, advanced functionality and great value.

Touch Dynamic

Touch Dynamic is a leading US-based designer and manufacturer of touch systems and pc’s. Their products are well known for being custom configurable to suit the customer’s unique business requirements.

Elo POS Computers offer the power of Elo´s touch technology in a standalone all-in-one PC, saving space at your business while maintaining performance.