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A touchscreen computer provides a sleek way to save sapce at any retail or restaurant operation. Also known as an all-in-one computer or all-in-one PC, a touchscreen computer combines the power of a modern PC with advanced touchscreen monitor technology. POSMicro carries touchscreen computers from major brands including Posiflex, POS-X, Panasonic, Touch Dynamic, and Protech.

Many touchscreen computers offer extra features, such as fanless operation and integrated card readers, cutting down on clutter and giving your counterspace a nice aesthetic. We do recommend double checking your POS software requirements to ensure compatibility & support for energy-saving computers.

Which one do I need?

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15-inch LCD POS Computer

top product
X-Series 15-Inch
Elo X-Series 15-Inch
Starting At: $966.58

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top value
Starting At: $982.73

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top value
Posiflex XT3815
Starting At: $1,149.55

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Panasonic Stingray Please Call For Pricing!
Pioneer POS Cyprus Please Call For Pricing!
Posiflex KS 6315
Posiflex KS 6315 Please Call For Pricing!
Posiflex XT5315 Starting At: $1,591.88
Posiflex KS6800
Posiflex KS6800 Please Call For Pricing!
Posiflex KS7200 Starting At: $975.00
Posiflex TP8315
Posiflex TP8315 Please Call For Pricing!
Logic Controls SB-9015 Please Call For Pricing!
Protech PS-6506
Protech PS-6506 Please Call For Pricing!
Partner Tech SP-850 Starting At: $1,105.00
Partner Tech SP-1030 Please Call For Pricing!
Touch Dynamic Breeze Performance
Touch Dynamic Breeze Performance Starting At: $1,734.00
Touch Dynamic Pulse
Touch Dynamic Pulse Starting At: $1,485.00
Touch Dynamic Breeze Starting At: $1,248.00
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17-inch LCD POS Computer

Posiflex KS7500 Starting At: $1,486.00
X-Series 17-Inch
Elo X-Series 17-Inch Starting At: $1,192.52
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POS Computer with Built-In Printer

POS-X ION TP5 Starting At: $785.00
1 on Outlet starting from $495.00
Pioneer POS S-Class
Pioneer POS S-Class Please Call For Pricing!
Posiflex XP3315
Posiflex XP3315 Please Call For Pricing!
Partner Tech PT-6315 Starting At: $1,475.00
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POS Computer Accessory

Partner Tech Accessory Starting At: $68.00
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Discontinued Products

The following models have been discontinued and are no longer carried by In some cases, accessories may still be available. We will try to list replacement models in the product description when available.

Elo | 15B1 | 17B1
Logic Controls | SB-8700 | SB-9090
Panasonic | Lite-Ray
Partner Tech | PT-4000i | PT-5500 | PT-6215 | PT-9000 | PT-9150 | SP-1000C | SP-800
Pioneer POS | 15-inch S-Class | PXi | Stealth-M5
Posiflex | JIVA 5815 | Jiva 8015 | KS6615 | KS7300
POS-X | EVO-TP | EVO-TP4 | EVO-TP4 Pro | ION Fit TP3 | ION TP2 | XPC500 | XPC515 | XPC517 | XPC600 | XPC700
Protech | PS6508 | PS-8851A
Touch Dynamic | CS200 | FS100



POS-X POS Computers combine economy with industry-leading features, creating a balanced choice in an all-in-one POS terminal for retail or restaurant point of sale. Constructed with industrial-grade motherboards, choice of operating systems, and optional mounted MSR, every POS-X touch screen computer delivers performance and flexibility in a single streamlined unit.

Partner Tech

Specializing in plug-and-play functionality, Partner Tech engineers touch screen computers for use as retail POS terminals, public kiosks, and for hospitality and gaming industry applications. Sporting modular design options, Partner Tech POS all-in-one computers offer the flexibilty to choose the right POS system now and add functionality later as business needs change.

Pioneer POS

Network ready, Pioneer POS Computer models offer some of the most powerful all-in-one touch screen computers on the market. With flexible options such as RAID capabilities, various processor choices and dual hard drives, Pioneer POS touch screen PC units can be ordered to fit any POS system need. Due to manufacturer policy, POSmicro does not accept returns on Pioneer POS Computers.


The popular Posiflex Touch Screen Computer series includes fanless, space-saving, and high-performance models for integration in retail, hospitality, public kiosk, and other vertical markets. A Posiflex all in one PC can be ordered with optional MSR and RAM upgrades and fingerprint sensors.


Protech Touch Screen POS Computers feature a water resistant design and integrated magnetic stripe reader, making them ideal for restaurant cashier stations.

Touch Dynamic

Touch Dynamic Inc. is a manufacturer of booksize PC´s, touch screen monitors, and all-in-one products. All of their products are manufactured, tested, and shipped from our facility in Irvington, NJ. Their unique position as an on site manufacturer, and focus on a limited product line, allows them to design, modify and support the unique hardware needs of their customers. They are ISO 9001:2000 Certified.


Panasonic is an industry leading Point of Sale developer. Their work stations are purposefully- built to withstand harsh environments and also provide lower cost of ownership with all the performance you would expect from a global technology leader.

Logic Controls

Logic Controls POS Computers offer unique features ideal for a variety of installations, including retailers, hospitality, or kiosks.

Elo POS Computers offer the power of Elo´s touch technology in a standalone all-in-one PC, saving space at your business while maintaining performance.