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Mobile Computer

With the right mobile computer, you and your employees can save tremendous time previously lost to data entry errors and trips to and from a workstation. POSMicro carries mobile computers from industry leaders including Motorola, Honeywelll, Unitech, Datalogic, Opticon. For more information on the benefits of using a mobile computer, see our Mobile Computer guide.

From a portable data collector which may only store barcode data, to a heavy duty mobile computer built to operate in sub-zero temperatures, we have a mobile computer designed to suit your needs. These products are built to run different mobile operating systems so it´s important to verify compatibility with any mobility software prior to purchase.

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Rugged Mobile Computer

Zebra MC67 Starting At: $495.06
Zebra TC75 Starting At: $83.49
Zebra TC8000 Starting At: $900.01
14 on Outlet starting from $295.00
Zebra WT6000 Starting At: $2,652.65
Zebra TC70
Zebra TC70 Starting At: $83.49
Skorpio X3
Datalogic Skorpio X3 Starting At: $1,094.00
Janam XM70 Starting At: $1,310.35
XP Series
Janam XP Series Starting At: $719.09
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General Use Mobile Computer

top product
Memor X3
Datalogic Memor X3
Starting At: $521.41

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AML LDX10 Please Call For Pricing!
Honeywell Dolphin CN80
Honeywell Honeywell Dolphin CN80 Starting At: $148.59
ScanPal EDA51
Honeywell ScanPal EDA51 Starting At: $1,158.51
Dolphin CT60
Honeywell Dolphin CT60 Starting At: $2,302.12
Dolphin CT40
Honeywell Dolphin CT40 Starting At: $12.14
Zebra WT41N0 Starting At: $580.94
Zebra TC20/25 Starting At: $330.01
Unitech PA700 Starting At: $809.00
1 on Outlet starting from $145.00
Unitech SRD650
Unitech SRD650 Starting At: $356.40
Unitech HT630 Starting At: $574.43
Joya Touch A6
Datalogic Joya Touch A6 Starting At: $1,007.36
Memor K
Datalogic Memor K Starting At: $675.20
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Heavy Duty Mobile Computer

top product
Zebra MC9200
Starting At: $695.31

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2 on Outlet starting from $425.00
top product
Falcon X3 Plus
Datalogic Falcon X3 Plus
Starting At: $1,476.00

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top value
Unitech PA690
Starting At: $1,088.57

Affordable and durable, powerful mobile computer.

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Zebra MC3300 Starting At: $1,664.28
Zebra VC70N0 Starting At: $3,869.99
Zebra MC3200 Starting At: $555.79
Datalogic Falcon X3
Datalogic Falcon X3 Starting At: $1,482.41
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Portable Data Collector

Zebra MT2000
Zebra MT2000 Starting At: $726.76
3 on Outlet starting from $325.00
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Discontinued Products

The following models have been discontinued and are no longer carried by In some cases, accessories may still be available. We will try to list replacement models in the product description when available.

Aceeca | ID::VERIFI BCS2
Datalogic | Falcon 310 | Falcon 315 | Falcon 320 | Falcon 325 | Falcon 330 | Falcon 335 | Falcon 340 | Falcon 345 | Falcon 4210 | Falcon 4413 | Falcon 4423 | Formula | Memor | Pegaso | PT Dock | PT2000 | PT40 | Skorpio / Skorpio Gun | TopGun
Honeywell | Dolphin 6000 | Dolphin 60s | Dolphin 6100 | Dolphin 6110 | Dolphin 6500 | Dolphin 70e Black | Dolphin 7200 | Dolphin 7400 | Dolphin 7450 | Dolphin 7600 | Dolphin 7800 | Dolphin 7800 Android | Dolphin 7900 | Dolphin 9500 | Dolphin 9550 | Dolphin 9551 | Dolphin 9700 | Dolphin 99EX | Dolphin 99GX | Dolphin CT50 | OptimusPDA SP5700 | OptimusS SP5500 | ScanPal 2 | ScanPal EDA60K
Intermec | CN3 | CS40
Janam | XG100 | XM Series
Motorola | ES400 | MC1000 | MC3000 | MC3100 | MC35 | MC50 | MC70 | MC75 | MC9000 | MC9060 | MC9097 | MC9190 | P300STD | P302FZY | P304PRO | PDT3100 | PDT6100 Series | PDT6800 | PDT8000 | PDT8056 | PDT8100 | Phaser P360 | Phaser P370 | Phaser P460 | Phaser P470 | PPT2800 | PPT8800 Series | SPT1550 | SPT1800 | WSS1000 - WSS1060 | WT4000
Opticon | H15 | H16 | OPL 9723 | OPL 9724 | OPL 9725 | OPL 9728 | OPN2003 | PHL 2700
POS-X | Fuzion
Socket | SoMo 650
Unitech | HT680 | PA500 | PA500e | PA550 | PA600 | PA600 MCA | PA950 | PA962 - PA963 | PA968 | PA968II | PT930
Zebra | MC18 | MC2100 | MC40 | MC45 | MC55 | MC65 | TC51/56 | TC55



The Opticon line of mobile data collectors includes the wireless OPL laser batch scanner, targeted to home and office data collection tasks. Opticon portable data terminals provide basic batch functionality for data gathering and transmittal to a host PC.


Motorola´s Mobile Computer line includes the entire spectrum of mobile data collection, from batch data collectors to enterprise and heavy industrial mobile computers. Using Motorola´s advanced scanning and wireless technology, these mobile computers are a mainstay for many businesses.

The economical MC1000 and MC2100 are great fits for batch scanning or smaller retail inventory management. For larger retailers, such as department stores or wholesale/warehouse retailers, the more durable MC3100 and MC9500 will provide years of peace of mind. Models with built-in cellular radios, such as the ES400, MC65, and MC75, are a smart choice for mobile POS and route management.


Unitech manufactures a portable data terminal product line featuring the PA-Series and PT-Series handheld portable data terminals. Versatile and affordable, the most popular Unitech mobile devices operate on the Windows Mobile or Windows CE.NET operating systems and offer monochrome or full-color LCD displays.


Datalogic Mobile Data Collectors include a vast range of robust mobile computers that are compact and ergonomic, a series of development software which increases their potential as well as wireless communication and network systems. The mobile computers offered by Datalogic use the most recent technologies in the applied electronics sector to offer solutions that allow the company to control logistic processes. This guarantees an increase in efficiency, an increase in availability of information, and the ability to instantly manage multiple facets of the business. It results in guaranteed essential advantages for the company´s development.


Intermec´s Mobile Data Collector line merges rugged functionality with enterprise class features. Units communicate via USB, 802.11b/g Wireless, Bluetooth, or via Wireless WAN through various Cellular Phone Service Providers.


Janam Technologies manufactures ruggedized handheld mobile data collectors ideal for rougher environments. Their XP Series uses the Palm platform, while the XM60 runs Windows CE 5.0. Both lines are rated with an IP54 seal, protecting them from the elements, and feature a drop spec of 4´ to concrete, excellent for warehouse inventory control. Accessories are interchangeable between the lines, allowing for a streamlined solution.


Socket´s line of Mobile Computers are designed with customization in mind by not including a barcode scanner in the design. This allows you to choose the barcode scanner, either expansion-card based or cordless, to best meet your needs and saving you money in the long run.


Aceeca Mobile Computers feature an incredibly rugged design, allowing them to survive being submerged in water. Their ID::VERIFI BCS2 mobile data collector utilizes the Palm OS to provide powerful and easy to use software development.

Honeywell Mobile Computers provide tremendous usability for a wide variety of applications. The batch scanning ScanPal 2 and Optimus SP5500 promote easy data management for smaller retailers, while the Dolphin 99GX has been built to handle rough industrial environments for full work shifts. Honeywell ´s Enterprise-class mobile computers, including the Dolphin 9700, giving you advanced functionality in an elegant, phone-sized device.


LXE manufactures heavy duty mobile computers, able to withstand the harshest of environments. With devices capable of operating in temperatures as low as -20° F, LXE´s mobile data collectors are a great fit for utility workers, deep freeze warehouses, or other heavy industrial applications.


The POS-X Mobile Computer line combines economy with a solid feature set, creating a great choice ideal for restaurant point of sale.


Barcode-Centric Handhelds & Kiosks

"AML was founded in 1983 to respond to a need in the barcode data collection marketplace for high performance, easy-to-use, and cost-effective barcode and data collection products. Our goal is to provide sensible solutions for mission critical activities, to improve efficiency and productivity, and to make barcode data collection applications worry-free."


Zebra´s Mobile Computer line, replacing the Motorola Mobile Computer line, includes the entire spectrum of mobile data collection, from batch data collectors to enterprise and heavy industrial mobile computers. With advanced scanning and wireless technology, these mobile computers are a mainstay for many businesses.