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Cash Drawer

Cash drawers are vital to any POS station, they hold your money after all. POSMicro carries a wide variety of cash drawers, available in many sizes to fit most point of sale needs. Featuring leading manufacturers such as APG, MMF, POS-X and Logic Controls, our cash drawer lineup has a model for you.

The most common cash drawer style connects to your receipt printer to open, however we also offer USB-driven and manual cash drawers if needed. We recommend comparing specifications, especially durability, warranty, and till configuration, to make sure you get the best cash drawer for your business.

Which one do I need?

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Economy Cash Drawer

top product
APG Vasario
Starting At: $146.52

Sturdy design and variety of dimensions available.

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top value
Star Micronics CD3
Starting At: $114.84

Affordable cash drawer for tablets

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1 on Outlet starting from $100.00
top value
ION Slide
Starting At: $127.27

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top value
Starting At: $127.44

Tough all metal design, great for busy stores.

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Star Micronics SMD2 Starting At: $160.00
Logic Controls CR1000
Logic Controls CR1000 Starting At: $110.63
CR3000 Cash Drawer
Logic Controls CR3000 Cash Drawer Please Call For Pricing!
M-S Cash Drawer EP-102N Starting At: $175.00
M-S Cash Drawer EP-107N
M-S Cash Drawer EP-107N Starting At: $205.00
M-S Cash Drawer J-423 Starting At: $159.00
Touch Dynamic CD
Touch Dynamic CD Please Call For Pricing!
Posiflex CR3110 Cash Drawer
Posiflex CR3110 Cash Drawer Starting At: $190.28
Posiflex CR6300
Posiflex CR6300 Starting At: $229.58
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Heavy Duty Cash Drawer

top product
Series 100
APG Series 100
Starting At: $199.59

Variety of interface options, including ethernet.

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top value
Starting At: $157.85

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APG Series 4000 USB
APG Series 4000 USB Starting At: $423.33
APG Series 4000 Serial/Parallel
APG Series 4000 Serial/Parallel Please Call For Pricing!
1 on Outlet starting from $95.00
APG Series 4000
APG Series 4000 Starting At: $196.02
APG Flip Top
APG Flip Top Please Call For Pricing!
POS-X EVO Heavy Duty
POS-X EVO Heavy Duty Please Call For Pricing!
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Cash Drawers for iPad

Star Micronics mPOP Starting At: $507.95
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Manual Cash Drawer

top value
ION Manual
POS-X ION Manual
Starting At: $79.00

Affordable, durable, and a small footprint.

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top value
Vasario Manual
APG Vasario Manual
Starting At: $141.93

Wide variety of sizes to fit your specific needs.

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POS Platform

APG Caddy Kit
APG Caddy Kit Starting At: $188.64
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Discontinued Products

The following models have been discontinued and are no longer carried by In some cases, accessories may still be available. We will try to list replacement models in the product description when available.

APG | 6000 Series Cash Drawer | Classic Series | POS Partner
Logic Controls | CR1600 Cash Drawer | CR1800 Cash Drawer
MMF | Advantage | Advantage Manual | CashierPLUS | ECD200 | ECD232 Heritage | Econoline II | Heritage | Heritage 240 | MCD 1060 Manual Cash Drawer | MediaPLUS | PayVue | POS Platform System | Val-u Line | Val-U Line Manual
Partner Tech Cash Drawer | CDR-5E415
Posiflex | CR3100 Cash Drawer | CR4100 Cash Drawer
POS-X | EVO-CD1 | XC16HD Series | Xc16Z | XC19HD | Xc19Z



The POS-X Cash Drawer line from POSmicro are printer-driven and support interchanging cables to ensure compatibility with all popular POS receipt printers including Epson, Star, POS-X, Citizen, & Ithaca. POS-X Cash Drawers offer unmatched 3-year warranties and are available in black or ivory.


POS-X Barcode Scanners include a full line of durable handheld scanners, including entry-level, mid-range handheld, and BlueTooth wireless scanners for retail and light industrial use. With unconditional warranties ranging from 1 year to 5 years, POS-X Scanners fit a variety of cross-industry purposes. Any chosen POS-X Scanner features guaranteed inter- compatibility with other POS-X hardware for building turnkey POS systems.


APG Cash Drawer manufactures a full line of printer-driven and manual cash drawers for integration into any POS system. Available in a variety of sizes, colors, and integration options, APG POS Cash Drawers are categorized by durability. Choose a heavy-duty cash drawer from the Series 100 or Series 4000 family. For a standard-duty POS cash drawer, check out the value-priced APG Vasario Series.

Logic Controls

The Logic Controls Cash Drawer line touts industry-leading reliability and sports compatability with all major POS printers on the market today. From the compact, medium-duty CR3000 Series to the full-size all-metal CR1800 Series, Logic Controls cash drawers support a wide range of interfaces and also offer port-powered models.


An industry mainstay, MMF Cash Drawer designs a full line of electronic and manual cash drawers for retail POS system integration. Variety, upgradeable interfaces, and top-notch warranties are hallmarks of the MMF POS Cash Drawer line. From options like the affordable Val-u Line, to the illuminated PayVue and the heavy-duty Advantage, MMF Cash Drawers are available to suit your needs.

M-S Cash Drawer

M-S Cash Drawer manufactures a full line of point of sale cash drawers. In business since 1946, M-S Cash Drawer has supplied to POS System Manufacturers and high-end POS equipment users alike. One of the features that helps them stand out is that each product has options to be driven via receipt printer, serial, parallel, or USB, allowing almost any cash drawer they sell to fit your needs.

Touch Dynamic

Touch Dynamic manufacturers quality POS computers, All-in-One touch terminals, touch screen monitors, cash drawers and receipt printers for use in retail and more.

Partner Tech Cash Drawer

Star Micronics
The Star Micronics Cash Drawer line consists of economy cash drawers in a variety of sizes.