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Card Reader

A good card reader will provide you with countless years of credit card, gift card, or employee card reads. From industry leaders such as MagTek, Unitech, IDTech, POS-X, and Logic Controls, POSMicro has the magnetic card reader built to your specifications.

Data security is becoming increasingly important, and card readers have heeded the call, building hardware encryption directly into their card readers, like in the MagTek Dynamag. For mobile payment applications, POSMicro offers card readers that connect directly to smartphones, giving you a low cost method to accept payment virtually anywhere.

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Magnetic Card Reader

top product
Starting At: $60.39

Compatible with most software and easy to use.

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top product
MagTek Dynamag
Starting At: $64.16

Hardware encryption, great for PCI compliance.

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top product
ID Tech EasyMag
Starting At: $151.98

Can read bent or damaged cards with ease.

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top product
ID Tech MiniMag
Starting At: $53.80

Smallest card reader available, easy to configure.

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1 on Outlet starting from $45.00

MagTek MiniWedge Starting At: $56.00
Unitech MS246 Starting At: $58.38
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Badge Reader

top product
ID Tech Omni
Starting At: $112.86

Infrared reading for added security.

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1 on Outlet starting from $50.00
top product
MS146 Badge Reader
Unitech MS146 Badge Reader
Starting At: $61.00

Affordable badge reader, great for door access.

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Intermec 1355-A Badge Scanner
Intermec 1355-A Badge Scanner Please Call For Pricing!
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Mobile Card Reader

top value
UniMag Pro
ID Tech UniMag Pro
Starting At: $70.59

Compatible with smartphones including the iPhone.

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top value
ID Tech Shuttle
Starting At: $48.73

Vibrant colors and hardware encryption.

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MagTek iDynamo
MagTek iDynamo Please Call For Pricing!
UniMag II
ID Tech UniMag II Starting At: $57.64
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Check Reader

top product
MagTek ImageSafe
Starting At: $380.00

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Discontinued Products

The following models have been discontinued and are no longer carried by In some cases, accessories may still be available. We will try to list replacement models in the product description when available.

HHP | ST6920 | ST8300 | ST8310
ID Tech | 3840 Reader Writer | UniMag | VersaMag
Intermec | 1354-A Badge Scanner
Logic Controls | MR1000 - MR1300 | MR3000 - MR3300
MagTek | BulleT | MagWedge | MICR Image Check Reader | MICR Plus Check Reader | Mini MICR Check Reader
Opticon | MCR1000
POS-X | Xm90
Socket | CF Mag Stripe Reader Card 4E
Unitech | MS140 | MS240



POS-X Card Readers feature the Xm90 magnetic stripe reader models. Available with USB, Serial, and PS/2 keyboard wedge interfaces, POS-X MSR units provide reliable, 3-track reading capacity with a compact design. Like all POS-X components, every POS-X Magnetic Stripe Reader offers inter-compatibility with the full POS-X hardware line and industry-wide compatibility with major POS hardware manufacturers.

ID Tech

ID Tech Magnetic Card Readers, including the MiniMag, EasyMag, Omni, and MSR100 models, are hallmarks in the POS industry for programmability, ease-of-use and durability. Every ID Tech Magnetic Stripe Reader features 1, 2 or 3-track options and a variety of connectivity interfaces for integration into any POS system.


The MagTek Magnetic Stripe Reader brand include popular Mini and Full-Size models. The Mini stripe reader is easily mounted with adhesive strips or mounting hardware, while the Full-Size MSR offers a bi-directional swiping channel. MagTek Card Readers are available in single-track, 2-track, and 3-track configurations.


MagTek manufactures industy-leading MICR check readers for fast, reliable capture of MICR data formats on checks, deposit and withdrawl slips. MagTek check readers are compatible with E13B and CMC7 MICR fonts and can be equipped with optional magnetic card readers.


The Unitech line of barcode slot readers provide a rugged and reliable solution at a reasonable cost.


The Intermec line of badge scanners provide a rugged and easy-to-use method of scanning security cards on the infrared spectrum.

Logic Controls

Logic Controls Card Readers feature a small form factor, allowing for easy integration in almost any point of sale environment.


Socket´s mobile line of Magnetic Stripe Readers interface via a compact flash or SD Card slot for easy integration into mobile devices, eliminating the need to purchase a full portable data terminal.