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ID Tech Card Reader

ID Tech Magnetic Card Readers, including the MiniMag, EasyMag, Omni, and MSR100 models, are hallmarks in the POS industry for programmability, ease-of-use and durability. Every ID Tech Magnetic Stripe Reader features 1, 2 or 3-track options and a variety of connectivity interfaces for integration into any POS system.

Magnetic Card Reader

Magnetic card readers, also referred to as magnetic stripe readers (MSR), connect to the POS system via a USB, PS/2 or serial interface, reading and transferring customer credit card data to the computer for transaction processing. By combining magnetic stripe readers with a merchant account provider they can read the two or three programmable tracks of data on the back of a bank, gift, or credit card and verify card validity, avoiding fake or fraudulent cards.

POSMicro carries a full line of magnetic card readers from top POS hardware manufacturers like IDTech, MagTek, Unitech, POS-X and Logic Controls capable of interpreting tracks 1 & 2 and even magnetic stripe readers capable of reading all three tracks. Some magnetic card readers also offer programming options to customize data transmission to the POS system.

Starting at $151.98

Starting at $53.80

Badge Reader

Badge readers utilize visible or infrared light to scan barcodes on ID cards allowing for improved control in industries where limiting or tracking employee and guest access is necessary. Badge readers excel as employee time clocks enabling efficient punch in and out. Some badge reader models are even able to read both barcodes and magnetic stripes simultaneously, further increasing the security of your access control system.

Starting at $112.86

Mobile Card Reader

Mobile Card Readers connect to handheld devices, such as the Apple iPhone, to create a mobile payment solution. Whether the connection is via SD or CF slot, or proprietary headphone jack, these mobile card readers are a low cost method to implement mobile credit card processing at your business.

Starting at $48.73

Starting at $70.59

Starting at $57.64

Discontinued Models

The following models have been discontinued and are no longer carried by In some cases accessories may still be available. We will try to list replacement models in the product description when available.

ID Tech: 3840 Reader Writer