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Elo POS Computer

Elo POS Computers offer the power of Elo┬┤s touch technology in a standalone all-in-one PC, saving space at your business while maintaining performance.

15B1 15-inch LCD POS Computer

15" LCD POS computers provide the ideal screen resolution for most POS software available, making them a great addition to any business. POSMicro carries a broad lineup of these POS computers, ensuring they meet your specific POS software requirements. Fan-free models provide great, quiet performance, perfect for restaurants or boutiques, while the higher power POS computers can handle virtually any situation you throw at them.


Starting at $1,395.00

17B1 17-inch LCD POS Computer

A 17" LCD POS computer gives you greater screen space, ideal for restaurants with large menus or businesses that need their on-screen buttons to be larger than normal. Depending on your need, there is a 17" POS computer built for you. From thin clients with Intel Atom processors to powerful, multi-core standalone or server-grade stations, POSMicro has the right model for you.


Starting at $1,416.00

4200L Touchscreen Monitor - Widescreen

Widescreen touch monitors and touchscreen monitors of greater than 19 inches are ideal for attention grabbing display signage, landscape format touch applications and user friendly kiosks. Monitors can be wall mounted with VESA brackets or operate in standard desktop mode. Due to their large size and high visibility these widescreen touch monitors are excellent tools for kiosk driven self check-in, check-out, ticket pickup, customer ordering, or digital help desk.


Starting at $2,445.00