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MicroTouch POS Monitor

Microtouch by 3M offers a full line of capacitative and resistive touch POS monitors with advanced technologies that protect the LCD surface from contaminants through even the most rigorous use. Microtouch touch screen monitors are ideal for public kiosks, food service, and entertainment stations, all of which warrant extra durability.

Touchscreen Monitor - Deluxe 15 Inch

Deluxe 15 inch POS touch monitors combine the convenient space saving design of the basic POS touch monitors with higher quality touchscreens and an improved feature-set. Zero bezel screen designs, tall, short or removable stands and sharp contrast and brightness are some of the fantastic available options for the deluxe POS touchscreen monitors.

Starting at $550.00

Touchscreen Monitor - 17 Inch

17 inch POS touchscreen monitors provide more screen real-estate to the end user making it easier to press the correct button or identify the necessary menu item in a timely and efficient manner. Larger POS touch monitors are perfectly suited for complicated POS applications which may have tiny or difficult to activate buttons and also for processes where speed or accessibility is a concern.

Starting at $638.00
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