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Square Stand for iPad

In addition to the commonly used small Square card reader, Square offers a full stand for iPad. The Square Stand is simple to use and easy to integrate with hardware, making setting up your point of sale system a quick process. It primarily works with USB interface hardware, so to set up your accessories, you just have to plug them in and there's no complicated configuration. In this Square Stand basics article, we'll talk about:

  1. What is the Square Stand?
  2. What hardware is officially compatible?
  3. What hardware is unofficially compatible?

What is the Square Stand?

The Square Stand is a stand for your iPad that makes using Square straightforward. More than just an iPad stand, the Square Stand has a magnetic stripe card reader integrated into the base. So instead of the Square card reader that plugs into the headphone jack, the card reader is built into the stand. It also comes with a peripheral chip and NFC reader with a charging dock, which allows you to take EMV chip and NFC (like Apple Pay) payments. The Square Stand has a built-in charger, so your iPad charges while in the stand. It also has a USB hub that allows you to easily use USB interface hardware.

The Square Stand works with the Square Point of Sale app, available for free in the app store. The stand is available from Square's website for $169.

Square is priced at 2.75% per card swipe (and 3.5% + 15 cents per manually entered transaction). See Square's website for more details.

Compatible iPads:

  • iPad Air
  • iPad Air 2
  • iPad Pro 9.7
  • iPad 4

See Square's Compatibility Configuration to check if your iPad is compatible. If you would like to use Square with an iPad not listed, please see our page on using a Square Card Reader for iPad. Unsure about whether you should use the Square Stand or a Square card reader for your business? See our Square Stand vs. Square Card Reader comparison.

Square Stand Officially Compatible Hardware:

The Square Stand is officially compatible with USB interface receipt printers, USB interface barcode scanners, and USB or printer driven cash drawers (that are compatible with your receipt printer). Below is the list of recommended hardware for the Square Stand. Links will direct you to official part number pages. For more information on compatibility, please give us a call!

Barcode Scanners

The Square stand is officially compatible with the following USB barcode scanners:

Zebra USB Honeywell USB For other barcode scanners, see our list of Unofficially Compatible Barcode Scanners.

Receipt Printers

The following USB receipt printers are officially compatible with the Square Stand. Square recently added compatibility for certain Epson receipt printers.

Thermal Receipt Printers

  • Epson TM-T20II (manual config may be required)
  • Epson TM-m10 (in black or white)
  • Epson TM-T88V (manual config may be required)
  • Star TSP651 (no longer available)
  • Star TSP113GT & TSP143GT (no longer available)
Impact Receipt Printers To enable printing from your receipt printer, once your printer is connected, under Settings > Printers, tap your connected receipt printer and make sure "Receipts, Bills, and Reports" (under Print From This Device) is toggled on.

Cash Drawers

The Square Stand is compatible with printer driven and USB cash drawers. Printer driven cash drawers must be hooked up to a receipt printer that is compatible with your Square Stand. The following cash drawers are officially compatible with the Square Stand:

Star Printer Driven APG USB

Square Stand Additional Hardware:

The Square Stand works with a number of accessories that are not on Square's officially compatible list. Any accessory that's compatible with the Square Card Reader for iOS will also work with the Square Stand. In addition to that hardware, we have tested the following accessories and we found that they work with the Square Stand. Please keep in mind that if you run into problems with these accessories, Square will not support them.

Receipt Printers

Square is built to integrate with only certain Star Micronics and Epson brand printers, so the majority of printers that work with the Square Stand are listed on the officially compatible list above. As we mentioned, the Square Stand works with receipt printers that are officially compatible with the Square Card Reader for iOS. These include wireless printers, like Ethernet and Bluetooth interface receipt printers. Keep in mind that these printers tend to be more expensive than the USB interface printers, so they are best for situations where you need a wireless connection (such as an Ethernet kitchen printer). They include the following:



Cash Drawers

The Square Stand works with any printer driven cash drawer, as long as the cash drawer is compatible with the receipt printer you're using. We successfully used the Square Stand with APG, MMF, and POS-X printer driven cash drawers (hooked up to our TSP100 USB printer), but any printer driven cash drawer should work. If you're looking for a cash drawer to use instead of the official cash drawers, we recommend:

Please keep in mind that mobile Bluetooth printers (such as the SM-S220i or SM-T300i) cannot connect with printer driven cash drawers. Mobile printers can only be used with manual cash drawers. In addition, manual cash drawers will always work with any iPad set up.

Barcode Scanners

Although Square only lists a few Honeywell and Zebra scanners as compatible with the Square Stand, we tested a number of USB interface Honeywell and Zebra scanners, and the majority worked with the Square Stand. The only scanners that did not work were older models, so we recommend using a scanner from within the past five years or so. Keep in mind, only USB interface Honeywell and Zebra (formerly Motorola/Symbol) scanners work with the Square Stand. If you have a specific model scanner and you're unsure if it will work with the Square Stand, give us a call and we'd be happy to test it out.

If you're looking for a Bluetooth barcode scanner, the Socket Mobile 7Ci (which is on the list of officially compatible hardware for the Square Card Reader for iOS) works with the Square Stand as well.