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It has come to our attention recently that has gone offline and is no longer operating it's website.  We do not know the owner of POSWorld or how they are handling past customers, we just know that their website is no longer available.
POSMicro does not have any affiliation with POSWorld and can not help in looking up past orders placed through POSWorld.  While we can identify equipment based on the part number we can't look up parts based on an order number.

What we can do for you:

Warranty Lookup/Replacement Parts: If you placed an order with them and still have the access to the equipment's label or your invoice from them in most cases we can reverse look up the device by the following methods:

  1. Part Number: With the part number we can let you know what the configuration is and if that item is still available.

  2. Serial Number: With the serial number we can let you know what the item is and if it is under warranty still.  Items under warranty are available for support through the manufacturer.

Price Matching: If you have special pricing from POSWorld or have seen them advertise a lower price on your particular item please call us at 1-800-241-6264, in most cases we're able to meet those prices, for bulk purchases we may ask to see a pdf of the quoted price as we will have to contact the manufacturer to get authorization for the same price exception.

With equipment that may not be working correctly sometimes you can reset the equipment to it's out of box state to get it working again, or other times a replacement cable, battery, or part is all that is needed to get it working.

Please call us at 1-800-241-6264 and one of our reps can assist you with replacing an older item or finding out if an item is still under warranty, or contact us by email at

*Update 4/27/15: appears to be online once again.  We have no information on if the ownership has changed or who is running that website now.  We appreciate the opportunity to try and service you while they were offline and hope that our customer service was able to win you over.

*Update 2: Their servers appear to be permanently offline once again.