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Zebra ZD410 and ZD420 Barcode Printers

The two newest desktop barcode printers from Zebra, the ZD410 and ZD420, introduce a wide variety of new features. Building on industry standards like the TLP2824 and the GK420, the ZD410 and ZD420 improve printing ability and ease-of-use. For more information on other Zebra barcode printers, see our Zebra G-420 Series Printer Comparison.

Print Options: Both printers are available in 203 or 300 dpi, with a print speed of 6 inches per second for 203 dpi, 4 inches per second for 300 dpi. They feature moveable media sensors to allow for more media options.

New User Interface: 5 status icons indicate supply levels and help with troubleshooting, and a 3-button system (pause, feed, and stop) improves upon older models that only had 1 button.

Easy Upgrades: Field-installable interface options (Serial/Ethernet) and accessories, like a cutter or dispenser, allow upgrades after the printer is purchased.

Zebra ZD410

Zebra ZD410
Print Width: Up to 2 inches
Print Style: Direct thermal only
Other New Features: Compact size (8.6" x 4.5" x 6"),
holds rolls of media up to 5" in diameter
Zebra ZD420

Zebra ZD420
Print Width: Up to 4 inches
Print Style: Direct thermal and thermal transfer
Other New Features: Introduces new ribbon cartridges for
super-easy ribbon loading