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Our Old Blog

Formerly POS Micro had a blog hosted on that was supposed to be dedicated to industry news, and keeping our customers up to date with the changes in the industry.

Needless to say while we wanted to make a great effort, after a couple of posts the blog did not get updated.

To get you up to speed on some major industry changes:

  • Motorola bought out Symbol. Symbol barcode scanners and mobile computers were rebranded to Motorola

  • Motorola was bought out by Google but in a separate transaction sold the Symbol line of products to Zebra

  • Honeywell bought Metrologic

  • Honeywell bought Intermec

  • Apple Released the iPad and tablet born POS started

Basically you had some major companies trading owership and consumer level products brought into the business industry.

From here on out expect more up to date news on the industry but hosted on our new blogging platform, we promise to do a better job of showcasing the news in the industry and making sure if there is a major change that could effect our customers we┬┤ll make sure to say something about it.