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Here at, we are slowly changing over from longer-form product descriptions to a rating system for products. We feel that this new rating system makes it easier to see the differences between similar products and simplifies the decision making process. This post is to explain a bit about how we arrive at these ratings.

We rate our products on three qualities:

Value - The quality of the product compared to the price. How well does the product's price correspond to its performance and features?

Performance - The overall functionality of the product. How well does this product do what it’s meant to?

Features - Any special characteristics or other notable qualities of the product. What sets this product above others?

For each of these qualities, we use a rating system out of 3. These numerical ratings correspond as follows:

1 - Good

2 - Great

3 - Excellent

At, we believe in only selling quality products, so our ratings range from good to excellent.

For example, lets take a look at the Honeywell MS9520 Voyager barcode scanner. This is an older scanner that still functions well, but is not the newest model in this line of Honeywell scanners. In terms of value, we have rated it “good.” The scanner still does everything it needs to, but is older and more limited than newer scanners. For performance, we’ve given it a rating of “great.” Although it’s an older scanner, it’s scanning ability still works well for the majority of settings. The features of this scanner are also “great.” This scanner is an excellent entry-level barcode scanner, and has some good features.