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Aldelo POS Pro

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Aldelo POS Pro restaurant software offers sit down dining establishments and bars a fantastic way to manage customers, employees, and inventory, all from a single software package. Built on the award winning Aldelo Pro for Restaurants (formerly NextPOS), Aldelo POS Pro is a great solution for integrating and streamlining day-to-day restaurant operations.

Integrating menu and inventory in the software, Aldelo POS Pro allows you to tie ingredients and portions to menu item recipes, automatically reducing counts and letting you know exactly when you´re out of an ingredient. With reorder points and easy forecasting, Aldelo POS Pro saves you time and money, taking the guesswork out of restocking your inventory.

The touchscreen interface of Aldelo POS Pro is spacious, providing ample space between buttons for greater order accuracy. The software supports multiple levels of modifiers and special instructions, excellent for customizing an order to meet a diner´s dietary needs.

Aldelo POS Pro integrates with their EDC platform for credit card payment, streamlining the process and giving you greater security when running their card. With optionaladd-on packages, including biometric and gift card functionality, Aldelo POS Pro is a versatile and terrific restaurant software solution.

Aldelo EDC card processing requires Windows XP Pro or greater.

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Standard Models
Aldelo POS Pro - 1 Station - 30 Days Free Tech Support (Part Number: ALDELOPOS1)
Color: ProInterface: 1st StationFREE Shipping
Additional Models
Aldelo POS Pro - Add-on Station (3rd Station and Up) (Part Number: ALDELOPOS3)
Color: ProInterface: 3rd station & upFREE Shipping
Aldelo POS Pro - Add-on Station (Second Station) (Part Number: ALDELOPOS2)
Color: ProInterface: 2nd stationFREE Shipping
Aldelo Fingerprint Server Module (per site) (Part Number: ALDELOPOS-FINGERPRINT)
FREE Shipping
Aldelo Gift Card Server Module (per site) (Part Number: ALDELOPOS-GIFTCARD)
FREE Shipping
Aldelo Kitchen Display Server Add-On (per site) (Part Number: ALDELOPOS-KDS)
FREE Shipping
Aldelo Media Display Module (per site) (Part Number: ALDELOPOS-MEDIA-DISP)
FREE Shipping
Aldelo EDC DataCap Edition (per site) (Part Number: ALDELOPOS-EDC-DATACAP)
Color: EDCInterface: DataCapFREE Shipping
Aldelo EDC FDMS Buypass Edition (per site) (Part Number: ALDELOPOS-EDC-FDMS-B)
Color: EDCInterface: FDMS BuypassFREE Shipping
Aldelo EDC FDMS South Edition (per site) (Part Number: ALDELOPOS-EDC-FDMS-S)
Color: EDCInterface: FDMS SouthFREE Shipping
Aldelo EDC Global East Edition (per site) (Part Number: ALDELOPOS-EDC-GLOBAL-E)
Color: EDCInterface: Global EastFREE Shipping
Aldelo EDC Paymentech Edition (per site) (Part Number: ALDELOPOS-EDC-PAYMENTECH)
Color: EDCInterface: PaymentechFREE Shipping
Aldelo EDC ETS Edition (per site) (Part Number: ALDELOPOS-EDC-ETS)
Color: EDCInterface: ETSFREE Shipping
Aldelo EDC TSYS Edition (per site) (Part Number: ALDELOPOS-EDC-TSYS)
Color: EDCInterface: TSYSFREE Shipping
Aldelo Annual Support Contract (per site) (Part Number: ALDELOPOS-SUPPORT)
Interface: 1-Year