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Proxis Software Keychain Synch

Starting At:$95.00
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Keychain Synch from Proxis Software allows for easy mobile data collection from the Symbol CS1504 or Opticon OPN2001 mobile data collectors. The software reads the data on the scanners and saves the decoded barcode data as well as date-time stamp in a coma separated value (CSV) file, allowing for easy import into most POS or database applications.

Keychain Synch requires the Opticon OPN2001 or Symbol CS1504 to work properly.

Stock levels are limited for physical copies of Keychain Synch. However, the demo can be activated to the full version after purchase.

Features in version 2:
  • Combine scans to make a quantity field
  • Download the scanner automatically when plugged in
  • Use the DeviceĀ“s uniqe ID as data folder and/or data file name
  • Send data via Email automatically
  • Send data via FTP automatically
  • Data File naming options

  • Downloads