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Opticon OPN2004

Starting At:$145.00
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The Opticon OPN2004 portable data collector is an upgrade on the OPN2001 and OPN2003, giving you greater barcode data storage in a small package. Ideal for small inventory management or registries, the OPN2004 offers a great combination of form and functionality.

Easy to fit in a pocket, the OPN2004 scans batches of barcodes, easily downloaded through third party software such as Proxis Keychain Synch. 1 MB of flash storage can hold over 10,000 barcodes and timestamps, making inventory checks a snap. The laser scanner in the OPN2004 can read barcodes from up to 2 feet, eliminating searching for a scannerĀ“s "sweet spot."

  • Can read 1D, PDF417, and MicroPDF417 barcodes
  • Battery life over 8 hours at 1 scan/5 seconds
  • 22" depth of field
  • 2-Year warranty