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Aldelo Restaurant POS Software

Aldelo manufactures the award-winning restaurant POS software, Aldelo Pro for restaurants (formerly NextPOS) -- a top choice in the restaurant industry for single or multiple location dine-in establishments. In addition, Aldelo restaurant POS choices include their quick-service fast-food solution, Aldelo Lite for restaurants. 100% touch-operated with multi-lingual user interfaces and inventory management, Aldelo restaurant POS software packages offer end-to-end restaurant management for virtually any food-service operation.

Receipt Printers for iPad

Receipt printers for using with iPad Point of Sale software, including Square, Shopkeep, Aldelo Touch, and more. To use a receipt printer with your iPad, it must be compatible with the app you are using. For more information on hardware compatibility, see our Square, Square Stand, or ShopKeep Hardware Compatibility Guides.

Starting at $220.00

Restaurant POS Software

Restaurant POS software combines and automates a lot of day-to-day restaurant needs, saving you time and money almost immediately. Common needs, such as table layout management, inventory tracking, and employee scheduling can be taken care of from this single piece of software. Credit card processing can be integrated easily, creating a single solution for order and payment management.

Starting at $99.00

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Software for iPad

Software for iPad Point of Sale, including Aldelo Touch, ShopKeep, Ambur, and more. For more information on which iPad software is best for you, see our ShopKeep, Square, and Aldelo Touch Basics Guides.

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Please Call For Pricing!

Discontinued Models

The following models have been discontinued and are no longer carried by In some cases accessories may still be available. We will try to list replacement models in the product description when available.

Aldelo: Pro

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