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SATO Barcode Printer

SATO manufactures industrial barcode printers in a variety of styles for both fixed and mobile on-demand applications. A SATO Barcode Printer delivers high-speed data transmission and each printer can be customized with a host of handy accessories. SATO Label Printers are widely used in the automotive, healthcare, manufacturing and transportation industries.

CG Series Desktop Barcode Printer

Desktop barcode printers offer compact printing, ideal for smaller product relabeling or low volume shipping. These economical printers might not be as durable as their industrial counterparts, but they are more than capable for most printing operations.

CG Series

Starting at $298.00

CL408e Industrial Barcode Printer

For high volume, long term printing, you can´t go wrong with an industrial barcode printer. These printers offer faster printing than desktop barcode printers, and are great for manufacturing or larger shipping operations. Built with reinforced metal chassis and able to hold larger rolls, industrial barcode printers are strong as tanks. Additional features, such as peelers, presenters, and applicators put these right at home in automation environments.


Starting at $1,243.00

Starting at $1,610.00

Starting at $2,197.00

Starting at $2,564.00

Starting at $1,092.00

Starting at $1,881.00

Printer Ribbon Barcode Printer Ribbon

We stock barcode printer ribbon replacements for all barcode label printers sold on including wax ribbon, wax resin and resin-based ribbons. Of the three types resin-based ribbons will last the longest, making them ideal for outdoor labeling. The wax resin combination is the most versatile with good durability for the cost of purchase. Wax ribbons are best for strictly indoor labeling tasks. Check your printer manufacturer and model number to determine the proper ribbon replacement or call our sales specialists for assistance.

Printer Ribbon

Replacement Printhead Barcode Printer Printhead

Barcode printer printheads are necessary to produce clear barcodes, text and graphics. If a printhead is damaged the label may print clearly with the exception of one or more horizontal white lines that simply never fill up with ink. If this is the case it’s time to replace the printhead. Replacing the printhead rather than the barcode printer is a great way to extend the life of your printer and promote professional barcode printing for years. carries barcode printer printheads for all the major manufacturers; Zebra, CognitiveTPG, Datamax-O´Neil, Epson, Monarch and Sato.

Replacement Printhead

Starting at $249.00

Label Gallery Barcode Software Barcode Label Software

From simple product relabeling to large-scale, automated labeling operations, barcode label software makes label creation of any size virtually painless. Labeling software allows you to create 1D or 2D barcodes with custom formatting, making your labels unique to your business.

Label Gallery Barcode Software

Starting at $225.00

Discontinued Models

The following models have been discontinued and are no longer carried by In some cases accessories may still be available. We will try to list replacement models in the product description when available.

SATO: CX400 Series