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Axis Security Camera

Axis Communications is one of the premier manufacturers of security cameras and network- based video monitoring solutions.

206 Network Camera Stationary Security Camera

Stationary cameras are designed to be installed and left to monitor specific areas. Though they can be re-aimed, it must be done manually. These are good for locations such as convenience stores, gas stations, or locations with low shelves and minimal blind spots.

206 Network Camera

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207 Network Camera

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207W Wireless Network Camera

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209FD Wired Network Camera

Starting at $549.00
210 Wired Network Camera

Starting at $449.00
211 Network Camera

Starting at $599.00
216FD Network Camera

Starting at $699.00
216MFD Network Camera

Starting at $799.00
221 Network Camera

Starting at $999.00
223M Network Camera

Starting at $1,399.00
225FD Network Camera

Starting at $999.00

Starting at $335.00

209MFD Wired Network Camera Remote Controlled Security Camera

Remote Controlled Security Cameras provide a greater field of view, allowing you to rotate the camera as necessary to see real-time happenings at your location. Ideal for banks, secured locations, or places with long hallways or blind corners, remote controlled security cameras provide increased security and versatility.

209MFD Wired Network Camera

Starting at $649.00
212PTZ Network Security Camera

Starting at $649.00
213PTZ Wired Network Camera

Please Call For Pricing!
214PTZ Network Camera

Starting at $1,299.00
215PTZ Network Camera

Starting at $999.00
231D and 232D Network Camera

Starting at $1,999.00
233D Network Camera

Starting at $2,499.00

Camera Station Security Camera Software

Security camera software gives you tremendous control of your video footage. With features such as quick search, storage, and advanced editing, security camera software makes monitoring your business a snap.

Camera Station

Starting at $499.00

Discontinued Models

The following models have been discontinued and are no longer carried by In some cases accessories may still be available. We will try to list replacement models in the product description when available.

Axis: 241Q & 241S Video Server