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Omni Barcode Scanner

An omnidirectional barcode scanner gives you the scanning speed and accuracy necessary to keep up at demanding environments such as grocery stores and large scale retailers. These scanners are specially tuned to read barcodes from virtually any orientation and moving even at high speeds. Many even can be mounted in-counter and come equipped with a scale for weighing bulk products.

POSMicro carries a full lineup of omnidirectional barcode scanners, from such industry leaders as Motorola, Honeywell, Datalogic, and Opticon.

Which one do I need?

Not sure what product is right for you? These products can be complicated. Let our product finder guide you to the best equipment for your needs.

Omni Barcode Scanner Product Finder

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2D Area Imager more information on 2D Area ImagerMore Information

Symbol DS9808
Special Pricing Available!

Fast 2D scanning, can parse driver's licenses.

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Genesis 7580g
Honeywell Genesis 7580g
Starting At: $328.00

Slim profile and aggressive 2D barcode scanning.

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Motorola DS9208
Starting At: $338.00

Reads LCD screens, great for airline check-in.

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Magellan 800i
Datalogic Magellan 800i
Starting At: $228.00

Affordable 2D scanning for retail and kiosks.

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Motorola DS457
Motorola DS457 Special Pricing Available!
Honeywell MS7580 Genesis
Honeywell MS7580 Genesis Please Call For Pricing!
Honeywell Vuquest 3310g
Honeywell Vuquest 3310g Starting At: $359.00
Datalogic Gryphon I GPS4400
Datalogic Gryphon I GPS4400 Starting At: $290.00
Magellan 1100i
Datalogic Magellan 1100i Starting At: $325.00
1 on Outlet starting from $195.00
Opticon M5
Opticon M5 Starting At: $282.00
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In-Counter Barcode Scanner more information on In-Counter Barcode ScannerMore Information

MS7600 Horizon Series
Honeywell MS7600 Horizon Series
Starting At: $409.00

Fast in-counter scanning, ideal for dept stores.

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Datalogic Magellan 2300HS
Datalogic Magellan 2300HS Starting At: $1,385.80
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Hands Free Retail Scanner more information on Hands Free Retail ScannerMore Information

MS3780 Fusion
Honeywell MS3780 Fusion
Starting At: $245.00

Offers both handheld and hands-free omni scanning.

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MS7820 Solaris
Honeywell MS7820 Solaris
Starting At: $432.00

Aggressive omni scanner, handles high volume easy.

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1 on Outlet starting from $245.00

Honeywell MS3580 QuantumT
Honeywell MS3580 QuantumT Starting At: $289.00
1 on Outlet starting from $160.00
Honeywell MS7120 Orbit
Honeywell MS7120 Orbit Starting At: $245.00
Datalogic Magellan 2200VS
Datalogic Magellan 2200VS Starting At: $555.00
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Scanner-Scale Combination more information on Scanner-Scale CombinationMore Information

Stratos 2700
Honeywell Stratos 2700
Please Call For Pricing!

2D imaging, scales, and fast scanning all in one.

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Magellan 8500Xt
Datalogic Magellan 8500Xt
Starting At: $2,658.00

Reads barcodes from any angle, great for grocery.

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MS2320 StratosH Series
Honeywell MS2320 StratosH Series Starting At: $2,142.00
MS2420 Stratos
Honeywell MS2420 Stratos Starting At: $1,035.00
Datalogic Magellan 9800i
Datalogic Magellan 9800i Starting At: $2,294.00
Datalogic Magellan 8300
Datalogic Magellan 8300 Starting At: $1,840.90
Datalogic Magellan 8400
Datalogic Magellan 8400 Starting At: $2,886.40
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Discontinued Products

The following models have been discontinued and are no longer carried by In some cases, accessories may still be available. We will try to list replacement models in the product description when available.

Datalogic | Diamond DLL2020 | Duet | LM520 | Magellan 1000i | Magellan 8100 | Magellan 8200 | Magellan 8500 | Magellan 9500 | VS800
Honeywell | MS2122 StratosE | MS4980 Vuquest | MS6130 | MS6520 Cubit | MS7220 ArgusScan | MS7320 InVista
Opticon | LPN 1736
Symbol | LS5800 | LS7708 | LS9203 | LS9208 | LS9208i | M2000 Cyclone Series



Datalogic manufactures a variety of handheld CCD and laser barcode scanners for retail and industrial applications. Every Datalogic scanner is built ergonomically, featuring light weight construction and comforatable handles. The popular Datalogic Gryphon comes in 1D, 2D and BlueTooth models. Datalogic recently joined forces with PSC, creating a broader Datalogic scanner product family with the popular retail optimized QS Series scanners.


Opticon offers barcode scanner solutions for cross-industry application in the retail, hospitality, healthcare, manufacturing and distribution sectors with its wireless, cabled, and fixed position scanners. From omni-directional laser to CCD and laser handheld models, Opticon Scanners conform with international standards for safety and quality.


Symbol Barcode Scanners, now a Motorola Solutions brand, remain among the most widely used and recognized handheld scanners in the world. Durability and readability are hallmarks of the Symbol Scanner line. From the legendary affordability of the handheld LS2208 and the retail-optimized LS9208 omi-directional scanner, to advanced industrial scanners like the LS3508, the Symbol brand continues to be the standard-bearer for high quality barcode scanning.

The Honeywell Barcode Scanner lineup covers a wide variety of industries and data collection uses, ensuring that no matter your need, Honeywell has a product for you. For the retail minded, the Voyager 1202g and Hyperion 1300g offer unmatched laser scanning and linear imaging, respectively. High volume scanning, such as grocers, would do well to invest in the Stratos line of scanner-scale combinations. For industrial applications, 3800i is a fantastic choice.


Motorola Barcode Scanners are some of the most popular and recognized products in the world. With a focus on longevity and durability, these handheld scanners are designed to maximize your investment. From the legendary affordability of the handheld LS2208 and the retail-optimized DS9208 omi- directional scanner, to the cutting-edge technology of the LI4278 cordless scanner, Motorola continues to innovate data-capture across many industries.