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Opticon OPN2003

Starting At:$145.00
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The Opticon OPN2003 portable data collector builds on the acclaimed OPN2001, swapping out the chrome accents with impact-resistant ABS plastic. The new housing provides the OPN2003 with an IP43 seal, so dirt and water are less likely to harm the internal components.

A built-in lithium Ion battery gives you 7 hours of battery life even in the busiest scanning environments. For general inventory scanning, the lifespan increases dramatically. 512 KB of flash memory seems meager, but that stores over 10,000 barcodes and timestamps, all but eliminating the risk of memory overruns. And with a 2 year warranty, the Opticon OPN2003 is a fantastic portable data collector for basic inventory management.

The Opticon OPN2003 has been discontinued. It has been replaced by the OPN2004.

Technical Specifications