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Opticon OPR 2001

Starting At:$150.00
The Opticon OPR2001 barcode scanner is an elegant solution for specialty retailers or boutiques wanting a barcode scanner that complements their business´s look. The lightweight, easy to use laser scanner will keep up with even higher volume scanning at busy retailers.

As a laser scanner, the OPR2001 can read barcodes from up to 8" away, ideal for most retail scanning applications. The scanner is capable of reading both 1D and PDF417 barcodes, excellent for scanning driver´s licenses for customer authentication or age verification. Opticon tuned the scanner to read at a snappy 100 scans per second, ensuring quick reads of virtually any barcode you encounter.

The lightweight design of the OPR2001 gives it added protection from the drops and collisions that occur in day-to-day retail use. Able to withstand multiple 5-foot drops to concrete, the barcode scanner can survive accidental drops from counters or bumps with heavier products. An IP42 seal protects the the scanner from accidental spills or dust accumulation, as well. With a 5 year warranty standard, the Opticon OPR2001 barcode scanner is an elegant, durable, and long lasting solution.

• 0.79" to 7.87" scan range for 10 mil barcodes
• Reads 1D, MicroPDF417, and PDF417 barcodes
• IP42 seal protects from dust & water splashes
• 5-Year Warranty
Technical Specifications