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Datamax W6208

Starting At:$2,549.00
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The Datamax W6208 features a tough all-metal chassis designed to withstand adverse work environments, making it ideal for heavy-duty industrial applications.

Standard Models
Datamax W6208, Wide Web Class 6" Printer, Thermal Transfer, 203 dpi, Serial and Parallel Interfaces, 8 IPS, 3" Media Hub (Part Number: G62-00-21000007)

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Color: Dark GreyInterface: parallel/serialFREE Shipping
Roller Clamp - W-Class (Part Number: 16-2349-01)
Control Panel Button - W-Class (Part Number: 16-2579-01)
Replacement Timing Belt For The Datamax ONeil W-Class Barcode Printer (Part Number: 17-2786-01)
Replacement Front Panel Piece For The Datamax ONeil W-Class Printer (Part Number: 16-2582-01)
Latch Assembly for Printhead - W-Class (Part Number: 15-2720-01)
Platen Roller, Upper Platen, 203 dpi - W-Class (Part Number: 15-2847-01)
RS-422 Interface Option (Part Number: DPO79-2332-01)
Interface: RS-422
Present Sensor - W-Class (Part Number: 78-2333-01)
Slip Clutch Assembly - W-Class (Part Number: 17-2746-01)
FREE Shipping
Peel and Present Sensor For The Datamax-ONeil W-Class Printer (with rewinder) (Part Number: 78-2336-01)
FREE Shipping
Internal Rewind - W-Class (Part Number: 78-2022-02)
FREE Shipping
Tray for the 78-2326-01 Cutter (Datamax ONeil W-Class Barcode Printers) (Part Number: 15-2625-02)
FREE Shipping
External Ethernet Adapter, 10BaseT, plugs into Parallel port (Part Number: 78-2278-01)
FREE Shipping
DataMax Net Ethernet Card (Part Number: OPT78-2411-01)
Interface: EthernetFREE Shipping
Power Supply - W-Class (Part Number: 51-2307-00)
FREE Shipping
Peel and Present with Internal Rewind - Datamax-ONeil W-Class Barcode Printer (Part Number: DPO-78-2337-01)
FREE Shipping
Heavy-duty Cutter, 10MIL (Part Number: 78-2326-01)
FREE Shipping
Twinax Interface Kit For The Datamax-ONeil I-Series and W-Series (Part Number: OPT78-2305-01)
Interface: TwinaxFREE Shipping