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Honeywell MS9521 Voyager HD

Starting At:$173.00

Based on the popular MS9520 model, the MS9521 Voyager HD barcode scanner adds the power to scan high-density (3 mil) barcodes with ease. With a mountable stand included, the MS9521 HD acts as both a handheld scanner and a fixed-presentation scanner for optimum productivity in any environment.

    Additional Features:
  1. Interchangable Cabling
  2. Reads 1D, RSS-14, & High-Density Codes
  3. Reads Up to 72 Scan Lines Per Second
  4. Programmable
  5. Lightweight & Ergonomic
  6. 5-Year Warranty
    Other Available Voyager Models:
  1. MS9520: Standard Model
  2. MS9540: CodeGate Enabled Model
  3. MS9521: High Density Scanning
  4. MS9541: High Density plus CodeGate
  5. MS9544: PDF417 Barcode Scanning Capabilities