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Opticon OPN2006

Starting At:$314.00
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The Opticon OPN2006 barcode scanner packs a lot of power in a tiny package, giving you pocket-sized laser scanning. Able to send data over Bluetooth or store it in batches, the OPN2006 is fantastic for mobile POS, basic inventory, or even gift registry applications.

The OPN2006 builds on the previous OPN200X scanners, improving performance as well as compatibility. A 1D laser scanner is built in, giving you quick reads from up to a foot away. The scanner reads at 100 scans per second, ensuring quick accuracy and proper reads every time.

A Bluetooth Class III radio provides easy pairing with newer mobile devices, including support for iOS and Android smartphones, great for mobile POS applications or off-site inventory management. The OPN2006 can also switch into a batch mode, storing over 20,000 barcodes and timestamps on its internal memory, which can then be retrieved by software such as Proxis Keychain Synch.

Opticon built the OPN2006 with general use in mind, holding up to accidents and drops with ease. The scanner is built to withstand five-foot drops to concrete, so a knock out of pocket or off a counter won´t slow it down. A wrist strap is available, allowing you to tether the OPN2006 to you or your employees. An IPI42 seal keeps dirt & some water splashes from harming internal components, further extending its usability. All in all, the Opticon OPN2006 is a great companion scanner for mobile and batch scanning.

  • Bluetooth Class III radio
  • Charges via microUSB
  • 1 MB storage holds over 20,000 barcodes and time stamps
  • Compatible with iOS, Android, Blackberry devices
  • 2 year warranty

Replaces OPN2005

Technical Specifications