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Brecknell 6720U

Starting At:$469.00
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The Brecknell 6720U POS scale is a great option for weighing wider products or those that might hang over the sides of smaller scales. Stable and reliable, the 6720U is at home in grocery, deli, or even shipping weighing applications.

The 6720U is available with three different capacities. A 15 pound capacity model, with 0.1 ounce increments, is a smart choice when selling smaller or higher value per unit products, such as deli meats, fine cheeses, or artisanal candies. For general grocery sales, a 30 pound capacity model is a smart choice. And for larger product sales, such as construction equipment or other heavy products, a 60 pound capacity scale is available.

The 12 inch by 14 inch footprint of the 6720U gives you additional weighing space compared to the 6710U. This improves accuracy when weighing larger items that may hang over the side of smaller scales. The heavy duty construction of the scale provides added durability, using a heavy duty cast aluminum X-shape support and stainless steel platter to hold steady against day-to-day wear and tear. A 1 year warranty is standard, giving you greater peace of mind on your investment.

  • 12 inch by 14 inch base
  • 15, 30, or 60 lb capacity
  • RS-232, USB interfaces
  • 1 year warranty

Technical Specifications