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Unitech MS840P

Starting At:$275.00
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The Unitech MS840P wireless scanner provides the mobility and affordability you need for retail and light warehouse scanning. With fast laser scanning and unique radio communications, the MS840P is a great solution for a variety of uses.

The MS840P uses a proprietary RF radio, giving you secure communications from up to 33 feet away, ideal for away-from-checkstand inventory checks or back office scanning. When out of range, the MS840P switches to batch mode automatically, storing scanned data until you can reconnect with the base station.

As a laser scanner, the MS840P offers the quick scanning needed for high volume retail and light industrial use. An optimal scan range of 1.5" to two feet for standard retail barcodes ensures employees get scans quickly and without any trouble. The MS840P´s 104 scans/sec scanning speed provides the fast, accurate data you need in high stakes scanning environments.

Unitech built the MS840P to handle the bumps, drops, and abuse that you may experience in a rough retail or light industrial environment. The reinforced body withstands drops of six feet to concrete, surviving knocks off counters or shelves with ease. Environmental sealing rated at IP42 protects the internal components from dirt or water splashes, further extending the life of your investment.

  • USB Interface
  • 33-Foot Radio Range, Line of Sight
  • IP42 Seal, Also Withstands Drops of Six Feet to Concrete
  • 1.5" to 24" Depth of Field for Standard Retail Barcodes
  • Radio Dongle Can Be Plugged Into PC or Included Base
  • 1-Year Warranty

Technical Specifications