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Motorola LI2208

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The Motorola LI2208 barcode scanner offers the ideal mix of performance and price, great for a variety of 1D scanning applications. A familiar design and advanced scanning capabilities ensure the LI2208 succeeds in medium to high volume scanning, including department stores, retailers, or any business looking for fast scanning.

As a linear imager, the LI2208 offers the excellent performance you expect from the Motorola brand. Employees of all skill levels will find the barcode scanner´s nearly three foot depth of field great for no quick reads of retail barcodes. The LI2208´s imager is rated at a 547 scans per second scanning speed, ensuring accuracy and fast reads even in high demand environments.

An auto-sense stand automatically switches the scanner to presentation mode, giving you hands- free scanning if needed. In environments where barcodes are closely populated, including manufacturing and some inventory management, the LI2208 can be switched to an "Auto Aim" mode which displays the beam but won´t scan until you pull the trigger, vastly improving accuracy.

The LI2208 has been designed to maximize your return on investment, with the durability you need. An IP42 environmental seal keeps dirt and some water splashes from harming internal components. The scanner features some rubberized corners, protecting it from drops of six feet to concrete. Shipping with a 5-year warranty standard and with additional coverage options available, the Motorola LI2208 is a terrific, long-lasting scanning solution.

  • Can scan barcodes on smartphone screens
  • Survives six foot drops to concrete
  • Reads barcodes in direct sunlight
  • 1" to 31" scan range for retail barcodes
  • IP42 Seal
  • 5-year warranty

Technical Specifications