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Unitech MS910

Starting At:$165.00
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The Unitech MS910 barcode scanner offers the portability and ease of use you need for mobile POS or inventory management applications. Compatible with iPhones, Android devices, and other Bluetooth-enabled products, the MS910 is a lightweight and aggressive barcode scanning solution.

About the size of a pack of gum and weighing less than an ounce, the MS910 offers terrific durability in a small package. The barcode scanner´s body is reinforced to withstand drops of 5 feet, surviving the bumps and accidents you might experience in a retail or mobile POS setting. The MS910 is also backed by a 1-Year warranty from Unitech, providing additional peace of mind.

The MS910 uses a linear imager to scan barcodes, giving you an optimal scan range of up to 5.5" for retail barcodes. A maximum scanning speed of 240 reads per second ensures quick and aggressive scanning, keeping up with most checkout or inventory management applications. The MS910´s Bluetooth radio pairs with iPods, iPhones, or other smartphones or tablets with ease, making the scanner a fantastic choice for any mobile barcode scanning.

  • 40-foot Bluetooth radio range
  • Supports HID and SPP Bluetooth profiles
  • 1.18" to 5.5" scan range for 13 mil barcodes
  • 1-Year Warranty

Technical Specifications