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Pole Display

Pole displays add transparency to the checkout process by clearly illustrating product prices as they are rung up in the transaction. Pole displays reduce potential pricing errors or double product entries by allowing customers and staff to accurately track product entries as they happen. Find the pole or counter customer display to meet your POS system needs today.

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POS-X Xp8200
Starting At: $139.00

Compatible with a ton of command sets.

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Epson DM-D110
Starting At: $149.00

Unique design, can be powered by Epson printers.

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Logic Controls LV3000
Starting At: $199.00

LCD display, fantastic for digital signage.

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Logic Controls PD3000
Starting At: $155.00

Multiple styles compatible with various software.

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Epson DM-D210
Epson DM-D210 Starting At: $245.00
Epson DM-D805
Epson DM-D805 Starting At: $149.00
Epson DM-D500
Epson DM-D500 Starting At: $279.00
Logic Controls PD3200 Starting At: $155.00
Logic Controls PD3400 Starting At: $169.00
Logic Controls PD3500 Starting At: $155.00
1 on Outlet starting from $119.00
Logic Controls PD3900 Starting At: $155.00
Logic Controls PD6000 Starting At: $189.00
Logic Controls PD6200 Starting At: $189.00
Logic Controls PD6500 Starting At: $189.00
Logic Controls PD6900 Starting At: $189.00
Logic Controls TD3000 Starting At: $162.00
Logic Controls LD9000 Starting At: $172.00
2 on Outlet starting from $81.00
Logic Controls LT9000 Starting At: $195.00
Partner Tech CD5220 Starting At: $159.00
Partner Tech CD6220
Partner Tech CD6220 Starting At: $268.00
Partner Tech CD7220
Partner Tech CD7220 Starting At: $169.00
Partner Tech CD8220 Starting At: $179.00

Discontinued Products

The following models have been discontinued and are no longer carried by In some cases, accessories may still be available. We will try to list replacement models in the product description when available.

Logic Controls | LD3000
Posiflex | PD2100
POS-X | Xp8000