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  by PrehKeyTec


  MCI 3100 Programmable Keyboard, USB Interface, Alphanumeric Layout, 3 Track MSR, Touchpad, Color: White




The part number MCI3100MTU is associated with the PrehKeyTec MCI 3100.
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PrehKeyTec MCI 3100 General Description:

PrehKeyTec's MCI3100 keyboard optimizes a small footprint by only including the integrated options needed. This efficiently designed keyboard, as well as the completely programmable layout, gives you everything you need - and nothing you don't. Available in an Alpha layout with a wide assortment of options designed to simplify integration of POS peripherals into your system. For counter applications, this model provides durability unmatched by standard PC keyboards. With the PrehKeyTec MCI3100, all key positions are programmable and 23 keys are relegendable. Our flexible configuration and programmability provide you the ultimate tool to meet your customers changing needs.

This is a pos keyboard from PrehKeyTec.

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