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Motorola MT2000

Motorola MT2000
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The Motorola MT2000 mobile computer is a cordless scanner and mobile data collection solution for your operation. You can scan a single barcode, and send it to your PC inventory immediately, or a large batch of barcodes, and send them when you´re ready. The MT2000 communicates via Bluetooth, Charging/Communications Cradle, 802.11b/g WiFi, or directly through the USB interface cable, providing a wide array of solutions for your business needs.

The scanner has a gun-scanner-designed body and mobile computer components, the MT2000 is ergonomically shaped, and weighs less than a pound, which makes longer scan sessions a snap. The included 1D laser scanner, standard 2D imager, or high-density 2D imager, is useful in retail environments, shipping, or large warehouse environments.

The MT2000 is strong enough to survive drops of 6-feet to concrete, and has a rubberized housing to prevent most accidental scratching to the scan lens. Rated at IP54, it´s internals are guarded against windblown dust and splashes of water.

KT-2070-SD2000C1US USD
Motorola MT2070 Mobile Kit, Interface: Bluetooth, Includes: Scanner, Charge Cradle, Power Supply, AC Line Cord, and USB Active Sync Cable, (Parts MT2070-SD0D62370WR, STB2000-C10007R, KT-14000-148R, 23844-00- 00R, CBA-U01-S07ZAR), Color: Twilight Black, CID:3662


Reg. $916.00

KT-2070-SD2078C1US USD
Motorola MT2070 Batch Scanner, Interface: Bluetooth, Includes: Scanner, Cradle, Battery, and Cables, Color: Black, CID:3667


Reg. $1,064.00

KT-2070-ML2000C14W USD
KT-2070-ML2000C14W MT2070 Mobile Kit, Includes Twilight Black Bluetooth/Batch Terminal with Medium Range Laser Scanning, Single Slot Charge Only Cradle with Active Sync, CID:3675


Reg. $877.24

KT-2070-SD1078C14W USD
Includes Twilight Black Bluetooth/Batch Terminal with SR Imager, Cradle power supply, US AC line cord, USB 7ft cable, Black, CID:3681