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Desktop Barcode Printer

Desktop barcode printers offer compact printing, ideal for smaller product relabeling or low volume shipping. These economical printers might not be as durable as their industrial counterparts, but they are more than capable for most printing operations.

Which one do I need?

Not sure what product is right for you? These products can be complicated. Let our product finder guide you to the best equipment for your needs.

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TLP2824 Plus
Zebra TLP2824 Plus
Special Pricing Available!

Space saving design, perfect for product labeling.

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GK420 Series
Zebra GK420 Series
Special Pricing Available!

Quick printing ideal for shipping labels and more.

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Zebra GC420
Starting At: $386.00

Builds on 2844 legacy, great 4-inch printer.

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Starting At: $380.00

Affordable thermal transfer printing option.

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E-Class Mark III
Datamax-O´Neil E-Class Mark III
Starting At: $319.00

Industrial features in a desktop printing design.

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Zebra GX420 Series
Zebra GX420 Series Starting At: $396.15
12 on Outlet starting from $325.00
Zebra HC100
Zebra HC100 Special Pricing Available!
Zebra LP2824 Plus
Zebra LP2824 Plus Special Pricing Available!
Epson TM-C3400 Starting At: $1,331.00
Epson TM-L90
Epson TM-L90 Starting At: $460.00
CognitiveTPG DLXi
CognitiveTPG DLXi Starting At: $428.00
CognitiveTPG CRx
CognitiveTPG CRx Starting At: $643.00
CognitiveTPG Blaster Advantage LX
CognitiveTPG Blaster Advantage LX Starting At: $353.00
CXI Series
CognitiveTPG CXI Series Starting At: $568.00
Honeywell PC42t Starting At: $263.00
TSC TDP-244 Starting At: $234.00
TSC TDP-225 Starting At: $226.00
TSC TDP-225W Starting At: $345.00
Bixolon SRP-770II Starting At: $305.00
SATO CG Series
SATO CG Series Starting At: $298.00
Intermec PC41
Intermec PC41 Starting At: $468.00
Monarch 9416
Monarch 9416 Starting At: $499.00
Monarch 9825
Monarch 9825 Starting At: $2,070.00
Monarch 9855 Starting At: $2,099.00

Discontinued Products

The following models have been discontinued and are no longer carried by In some cases, accessories may still be available. We will try to list replacement models in the product description when available.

CognitiveTPG | Advantage DLX | Advantage LX RFID | CI Series | Del Sol LX | EZ-LP
Datamax | E3202 | E4203 - E4204 | E4304 | Ex2
Datamax-O´Neil | E-Class Mark II
Intermec | 7421 | C4
Monarch | 9414
SATO | CX400 Series | HT200e
Zebra | 2746e | DA402 | HT146 | LP 2844Z | LP2722 | LP2742 | LP2844 | T402 | TLP 2844Z | TLP 3742 | TLP 3844Z | TLP2844 | TLP3842

More Information

With the right desktop barcode printer, you have a versatile way to add product labels or print shipping labels at your business. These printers come in a variety of printing styles, each offering different durability, clarity, and color options.
Direct Thermal Label Printers
Direct thermal label printers offer the faster and more economical way to print labels at your business. The printer uses heat to activate a special emulsion in the label, cutting down on costs by only requiring label media. While these labels are affordable, they aren't able to withstand humid or hot environments, making them a better fit indoors than out. Zebra's GX420 series and CognitiveTPG's Advantage DLX are two fantastic direct thermal label printers.

Thermal Transfer Label Printers
Thermal transfer label printers use a wax or resin ribbon to transfer your content onto a label. These labels are much more resistant to the elements than a direct thermal label, allowing you to use them virtually anywhere. As an upside, most thermal transfer labels can be configured to run as a direct thermal printer, excellent for saving money on temporary labels. Zebra's TLP2844 and Datamax-O'Neil's E-Class Mark III are prime examples of great combination direct thermal and thermal transfer label printers.

Inkjet Label Printers
Inkjet label printers are fantastic for merchandise labeling, offering the crisp, vibrant, full-color printouts you get with a regular inkjet printer. The Epson SecurColor TM-C3400 is a great inkjet label printer, offering a great combination of Epson's consumer inkjet line with their industry leading TM printers.