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MagTek Dynamag

Starting At:$55.00
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The MagTek Dynamag card reader provides enhanced security where your business needs it most, handling customer credit card info. The Dynamag can be encrypted with Triple DES security, ensuring that only your credit card process can decypher the information. Able to send either unencrypted or encrypted credit card data, the Dynamag is an excellent future-proof choice, eliminating the hassle of purchasing new hardware to meet security requirements.

At 100mm long, the Dynamag has a standard design that makes it an excellent upgrade for legacy installations. The standard USB interface is available as Keyboard Emulation or HID depending on your needs, and the head can read cards swiped as quickly as 60 inches per second. Remote configuration allows it to be programmed quickly and without being shipped to the credit card processor, making the MagTek Dynamag a fantastic long term solution.

The MagTek Dynamag readers listed for sale do not encrypt data by default. They must be programmed by your credit card processing company and supported by your processing software to enable data encryption.

Technical Specifications