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Datalogic Heron D130

Starting At:$162.00
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The Datalogic Heron barcode scanner gives your business both handheld and presentation barcode scanning in a single, affordable solution. Lightweight and with a strong scan engine, the Heron is ideally suited for medium volume scanning environments, including retail, inventory management, or logistics applications.

The linear imager in the Heron reads retail barcodes from up to 9 inches away and at up to 256 reads per second, ideal for streamlining even busy checkout operations. Datalogic´s Green Spot technology provides a visual cue of sucessful scans, excellent in environments where the audible beep can´t or shouldn´t be heard.

Datalogic built the Heron with retail use in mind, and the scanner holds up to that use excellently. The lightweight scanner is reinforced to withstand drops of 6 feet to concrete, protecting it not only from knocks off desks but also from bumps & collisions with products. An IP30 environmental seal keeps dirt from harming the internal components, further extending the life of the scanner. Shipping with a 5-year warranty, the Datalogic Heron barcode scanner is a smart choice for long term retail use.

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