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PC America Cash Register Express

Starting At:$599.00
Increase your profits with retail point of sale software in your store. Cash Register Express (CRE) is a cost-effective cash register software that keeps your inventory costs down, speeds up customer checkout, has accurate inventory tracking, reduces shrinkage, manages employee labor, and effectively markets to customers. Cash Register Express is the first Windows-based POS system exclusively for retail stores, such as clothing, liquor, video rental and many more. Its easy-to-use interface makes it a breeze to manage your store. Sales and inventory tracking, equipment and video rentals, memberships, look ups by category, and managing your store´s progress are just a few of the features of CRE!

Compare CRE Lite and Pro

  1. Quick item look up
  2. Employee time clock
  3. Fast credit, debit, and gift card processing
  4. Create purchase orders for inventory items
  5. Sale, bulk, and mix´n´match price settings
  6. Ability to suspend transaction to process another
Technical Specifications
Standard Models
Cash Register Express Professional (Additional Stations) (Requires 1st Station) (Part Number: CRE-PRO-2)
Color: ProInterface: Additional StationFREE Shipping
Cash Register Express Professional (1st Station) (Requires Support Contract) (Part Number: CRE-PRO)
Color: ProInterface: 1st StationFREE Shipping
Additional Models
Cash Register Express Lite (Single User ONLY) (Requires Support Contract) (Part Number: CRE-LITE)

Please Call
Color: LIteInterface: Single UserFREE Shipping
Add Credit Card Processing Module w/ New PayPros Account (Part Number: ADD-PPI)
Barcode Express Label Printing Module (Part Number: BCE01)
FREE Shipping
Pocket Inventory Module (Mobile Computer Inventory Software, Per Device) (Part Number: CRE-POCKET-INV)
FREE Shipping
CRE Pocket Inventory Kit, Includes Pocket Inventory Software, Honeywell 6100 Mobile Computer, Communications Cradle, Cables (Part Number: PM-CRE-POCKETKIT)

Please Call
FREE Shipping
1 Year Tech Support Contract - Includes bug fixes but not software version upgrades - Support through Support (Store License)(CRE Must have been purchased from (Part Number: PM-CRESUPPORT)
Length: 1-YearInterface: Store License
1 Year Tech Support Contract - Includes bug fixes but not software version upgrades - Support through Support (Store License) (CRE NOT purchased from (Part Number: PM-CRESUPPORT-2)
Length: 1-YearInterface: Store License
1 Year 24/7 Support and Version Upgrade Contract - Support through PC America (Per Station License) (Part Number: CRESUPPORTLP)
Length: 1-YearInterface: Per Station