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Datalogic Gryphon M200 PDF Wireless

Starting At:$587.94
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The introduction of instinctive reading distance technology in a cordless scanner permits the Gryphon M100 and Gryphon M200 to answer the needs of a wide range of applications. Management of traditional shops from receiving to point-of-sale becomes easier with the use of a reader without cable constraints.

Merchandise no longer needs to be moved around the store floor during inventory and price checks. Time consuming activities such as reordering and stock replacement recording typically done on paper can now be executed in real time thanks to instant data transmission to the information system.

Standard Models
Datalogic Gryphon ,M200, Wireless PDF BlueTooth Kit, Includes Scanner, Base/Charger, [Requires Part#90ACC1920], Color: Blue (Part Number: 901701000)
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Datalogic Gryphon M200, Wireless PDF417 Bluetooth Kit, Includes Gun, Charger, and BlueTooth Receiver, [Requires Part#90ACC1920], Color: Blue (Part Number: 901701002)
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Additional Models
Datalogic Gryphon M200, Wireless PDF Scanner Only, [Requires Base, Cable and Power Supply] (Part Number: 901681010)
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Datalogic Gryphon M200, Wireless PDF Serial RS232 Kit, Includes Scanner, Base, Cable, Power Supply and Manual, Color: Light Grey (Part Number: 901681012)
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CAB-321, PS2 Straight Keyboard Wedge Cable (Part Number: 90G001010)
Interface: PS/2
USB Straight Cable for Heron, Gryphon, and Firescan (Part Number: 90A051902)
Interface: USB
AC/DC Power Supply US (Part Number: 90ACC1893)
Serial RS232 Cable, Coiled 9 foot, [Requires Power Supply] (Part Number: 90A051330)
Interface: RS-232
PS2 Keyboard Wedge Cable, IBM Coiled, Minidin Wedge (Part Number: 90A051360)
Interface: PS/2
DATALOGIC, PG110, 110VAC Power Supply for All Cordless Scanners and Lynk. (Part Number: B9751057)
Serial RS232 Cable, 9ft Straight, [Requires Power Supply Part# 90ACC1893] [Replaced by 90G000008] (Part Number: 90G001070)

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Interface: RS-232
DATALOGIC, NIMH Battery For Cordless GRYPHON/DRAGON (Part Number: 90ACC1530)

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Base/Carrier For The Datalogic GRYPHON M100 / M200 PDF Wireless (Part Number: 90A351010)

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