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Datamax Accessory

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POSMicro carries the barcode printing accessories you need for your Datamax O┬┤Neil printer at everyday low prices.

Standard Models
Thermal Transfer Option for the E-4203 (Makes DT Into TT) (Part Number: 78-2340-01)
12 Inch External Media Supply (Part Number: 78-2370-01)
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Full Roll Media Supply Stand for the Ovation and E-4203 Printers (Part Number: 78-2089-01)
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Peel and Present (for the I-Class Printers) (Part Number: 78-2444-01)
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Internal Rewind (for the M-Class Printers) (Part Number: 78-2484-02)
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256K Flash Memory for the Prodigy MAX, XL, OVATION2 and ST-3210 Printers. (Part Number: 78-2166-01)
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Stand Alone Keyboard for Non-Ovation Printers Only (Part Number: 61-2159-02)
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512K RAM for the Allegro, Allegro2, Prodigy Plus, DMX 400 and DMX 430 Printers (Part Number: 899505)
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General Purpose I-O Expansion Board (Real Time Clock, Input Output and 8MB Flash) (Part Number: 78-2256-02)
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2MB Flash Card for the Prodigy MAX, XL, Ovation2 and ST3210 Printers (Part Number: 78-2166-04)
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Datamax Net Ethernet Card (Internal-Remote Communications) for the I-Class and W-Class Printers (Part Number: 78-2411-01)
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Cutter and Tray for the ALLEGRO2, ALLEGRO, DMX400-430 and XL Printers (Part Number: 764003)
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Cutter with Tray for the Prodigy Max Printer (Part Number: 78-2058-01)
FREE Shipping
Standard Cutter for the M-Class Printers (Part Number: 78-2480-01)
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Wireless Card (with Radio - 802.11b) for the I Class and W Class Printers (Part Number: 78-2494-01)
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Twinax Interface Kit For The Datamax-ONeil I-Class and W-Class Printer (Part Number: 78-2305-01)
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Cutter (10 mil, Standard Duty) for the W-8306 Printer (Part Number: 78-2328-01)
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