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Logic Controls PD6500

Starting At:$189.00
Logic Controls PD6500 Image 1
Logic Controls PD6500 Image Thumbnail 1
The PD6500 Series has added features to the PD6000 Series to take it to the next level in pole displays. The PD6500 has a special Ultimate Technology Command Set 4. Along with all the other PD6000 Series, it has pass through capabilities that allow for a connection of multiple pole displays, cash drawers, printers and other devices to a single output port. It also has an optical filter in the display for clear visibility.

  • 11.25mm character height
  • Bright green fluorescent display
  • Two-line display with 20 characters per line
  • Intelligent serial pass-thru and parallel models available
  • Available in many popular command sets
  • Automatic message scrolling
  • User definable character
  • Supports high speed protocol: up to 19.2k bps, 1 stop bit
  • Matched optical lens for better viewing contrast
  • Ergonomic design
  • Five adjustable viewing angles
  • Available with 120V or 220V power adapters

  • Technical Specifications