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Honeywell Granit 1280i

Starting At:$558.00
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The Honeywell Granit 1280i gives your business the robust and long lasting laser scanning you need. An industrial design and heavy duty components make the granit 1280i an optimal solution for manufacturing, heavy industrial applications, and even cold storage scanning.

The sturdy Granit 1280i is a laser scanner, giving you fast reads of 1D barcodes from a variety of distances. At 20 mil, the scanner offers a 4.5 inch to near seven foot depth of field, great for scanning products on warehouse shelves. For extreme distances, the Granit 1280i can read 100 mil reflective barcodes from 38.5 inches to over 51 feet away. That kind of scanning capability is vital in large warehousing environments or transportation & logistics applications.

Heavy industrial environments are demanding on equipment, and thankfully the Granit 1280i is designed to exceed those demands. The scanner is not only rated to operate at -22° F, it can survive six foot drops to concrete at that temperature range, making cold storage and outdoor usage easy. Gasket sealing provides an IP65-rated seal, keeping all dust and low pressure jets of water from harming internal components. With a 3 year warranty and great comprehensive service plans available, the Honeywell Granit 1280i will provide countless years of great use.

  • 4.5" to 83.4" scan range on 20 mil barcodes
  • Survives multiple 6-foot drops to concrete
  • IP65 Seal
  • -22° to 122° operating temperature
  • 3-Year warranty

Technical Specifications