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Intuit QuickBooks Point of Sale 2013 Basic

Starting At:$1,099.95
Intuit QuickBooks POS 2013 Basic expands on the power of previous versions, making key features easier to access and giving you great new functionality. Ideal for smaller businesses, Quickbooks POS Basic allows you to not only manage your day-to-day operations from a single software solution, but also take your business out on the road with ease.

Setting up QuickBooks POS for a new business is as easy as answering a few questions. Once your business is setup in QuickBooks POS, you just need to add your inventory and you´re ready to ring up customers. QuickBooks POS Basic integrates with QuickBooks Financial Software with ease, allowing you to import customer data if needed.

A new feature in QuickBooks POS 2013 is the ability to take your inventory on the road. Simply install Intuit´s app on your iPhone, iPad, or Android device, and QuickBooks will let you transfer inventory to the mobile device and ring customers up wherever you happen to be. Changes are synchronized on return, ensuring your inventory counts are accurate every time. The mobile app can also accept card payments, using Intuit´s GoPayment reader.

Training with QuickBooks 2013 is remarkably easy. Built-in tutorials for common tasks help employees familiarize themselves with the interface, and a Practice File allows them to hone their skills without harming your daily totals. The intuitive user interface helps guide even brand new employees through the sales process, making ringing up customers as simple as clicking the "make sale" button. QuickBooks POS´s fast search provides easy lookup of products when they can´t be scanned, and making the software a powerful and reliable tool for any retailer.
  • Multi-lane capabilities
  • Mobile POS support via iOS or Android devices
  • Included tutorials and practice file to aid in training
  • Integrates easily with QuickBooks Financial software
Technical Specifications