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  320 MultiPro Cable Kit Drawer #2, RJ Connection Epson TM Series Printers, Axiohm A714, 714, 716, CBM 230, 231, 1000, Citizen IDP 3210, 3221, 3240, 3550, 3551, 460 and 3310


The part number CD-005B is associated with the APG 6000 Series Cash Drawer.
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6000 Series Cash Drawer General Downloads:

APG 6000 Series Cash Drawer General Description:

The APG MultiPRO� Interface is designed to take a cash drawer and connect, via a variety of interchangeable cables, to the market�s POS reciept printers and terminals. The detachable cable can be changed on-site allowing cash drawers fitted with the MultiPRO interface to adapt to a different terminal or printer. See the APG Connectivity Guide to determine the correct cable(s) for your solution.

This is a cash drawer from APG.

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