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Honeywell PS-050-2400D1-NA

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Power Supply [5 Volt, Mini Din Output with US Power Cord]Replaces PS5U- 41

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About This Product

For a complete product description, including technical specifications, warranty information, and additional models please visit the main 4600g page.

Product Technical Specifications

Listed specifications may not apply to every part number including the one listed above. Contact us and we will happily verify whether this part number is compatible with your current hardware and software.

Current and future retail and commercial applications will involve much more than linear bar codes. The omnidirectional reading capability of the 4600g allows fast and easy reading of many types of bar codes. Simply point and shoot. There is no need to align a scan line or wait for a raster beam to open up.

With no moving parts the 4600g is as durable as it is versatile. HHP has a reputation for products that are tough as nails and the 4600g is no exception, and will provide years of service at a low cost.