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  QuickScan Barcode Scanner, Imager Model, Scanner Only, Color: White



The part number QD2130-WH is associated with the Datalogic QuickScan I QD2100.
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QuickScan I QD2100 General Downloads:

Datalogic QuickScan I QD2100 General Description:

The QuickScan Desk (QD) products are small, lightweight and affordable for most corded 1D scanning requirements. QD2100 is a linear imager based scanner which can read barcodes from cell phone/PC screen and the QD2300 is a laser based scanner with nominal reading distance. QuickScan Lite (QW) is a more economical linear imager solution which has a thinner, brighter and wider scan line with nominal reading distance. QuickScan Mobile (QM) is a cordless 1D scanner allows the user to work within a 12 meter ra

This is a barcode scanner from Datalogic.

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