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4710HD-131CK 2D Area Imager

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The picture displayed for this item is a picture of the IT4710 and may not be of this part number.

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IMAGETEAM 4710HD 2D Image Reader Kit. Includes 2D High Density Image Reader, Fixed Mount, RS-232 Cable, and Universal Power Supply

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About This Product

For a complete product description, including technical specifications, warranty information, and additional models please visit the main IT4710 page.

Product Technical Specifications

Listed specifications may not apply to every part number including the one listed above. Contact us and we will happily verify whether this part number is compatible with your current hardware and software.

Lightweight, balanced, and easy to use. the IT4710 reader can be used in retail, packaging, transportation, printed circuit board manufacturing, electronic component manufacturing, and clinical/diagnostic applications that include test tube and reagent package labels.

Because the IT4710 is a fixed focus device, four product models with different focal points are available. The IT4710LX, designed for reading wide codes at up to 15 inches on PDF, has a focal point of 7inches from the nose. It is ideal for reading the 1D and 2D labels found in the transportation industry. The IT4710LR, designed for low and medium density codes, has a focal point of 5 inches from the nose. This model is ideal for general 2D applications (postal, retail, and asset tracking). For high density models of the IT4710 see the IT4710HD product page.

IMAGETEAM 4410/4710 2D Image Readers now feature Two-dimensional Print Quality Assessment (2D PQA). This new feature allows users to check the quality of the 2D bar code symbols by identifying a successfully read symbol and reporting graded measurement parameters obtained from the symbol. This feature is available in all IT4410/4710 2D Image Readers with firmware Rev. and higher.