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  by MicroTouch


  MicroTouch M150 FPD 15 Inch LCD Touch Monitor
Interface: Serial Interface
Specs: Multimedia and Capacitive II




The part number 11-81375-227 is associated with the MicroTouch M150.
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MicroTouch M150 General Description:

We envisioned a touch monitor that would set a new standard of excellence creating a monitor form factor that is a breakthrough in display design. Meeting this goal required fresh thinking novel methods and ultimately a totally new touch monitor. The MicroTouch M150 Touch Monitor is the culmination of this innovative new approach. - - Touch monitor users know standard desktop monitors and touch monitors are worlds apart. Flat panel monitors are slim sleek lightweight and typically have a small footprint. All of this can translate into a monitor that is unstable to the touch. We designed the M150 monitor to offer all of the benefits that LCD technology affords yet remain remarkably stable to the touch. The M150 offers a patent-pending feature set combining stability adjustability aesthetics and mounting flexibility in a compact package.

This is a touchscreen monitor from MicroTouch.

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