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  OPL 9724 Barcode Data Collector Kit
Communication: Bluetooth, Batch, RS-232
Scanner: 1D Scanner
Keypad: 3-Key
Specs: 128 KB to 512 KB RAM ; 512 KB Flash ROM, IP54
Other: Cradle, Power Supply, RS232 Cable, Lion Battery and USB Bluetooth Adapter

  USB/ Multi


This product has been discontinued

The part number OPL-9724-SK1 is associated with the Opticon OPL 9724.
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OPL 9724 General Downloads:

Opticon OPL 9724 General Description:

The OPL 9724 is equipped with Bluetooth interface and offers secure wireless communation. This model is equipped with 3 keys and a graphical display, integrated barcode laserscanner, 128 kB memory, a real-time clock and supplied with a rechargeable battery.

This is a mobile computer from Opticon.

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