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Microsoft RMS-001 Retail POS Software

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The picture displayed for this item is a picture of the RMS and may not be of this part number.

When you buy this product you receive:
Store Operations, First Station
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About This Product

For a complete product description, including technical specifications, warranty information, and additional models please visit the main RMS page.

Product Technical Specifications

Listed specifications may not apply to every part number including the one listed above. Contact us and we will happily verify whether this part number is compatible with your current hardware and software.

    PC Requirements:
  1. Microsoft Windows XP Home or Professional, Windows 2000, Windows Embedded for Point of Service, Windows Server 2003 or later, Windows Vista Business or higher (32-bit only)
  2. Intel Pentium 600 MHz or higher processor
  3. 50 MB Hard Disk Space; 1 GB for Dynamics RMS Headquarters
  4. 192 MB of RAM
  5. CD-ROM
  6. VGA (1024x768) or higher resolution

Microsoft RMS is compatible with OPOS-compatible hardware. For more information on compatible products, please call and speak with one of our sales representatives.
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